26 thoughts on “Red Line Issue

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    In fairness to that car driver, and drivers in general, the whole “stop at a red light” and “don’t stop in a yellow box” concepts are difficult enough to get used to on their own, but when you add “don’t drive into the fuppin’ tram!” into the equation, it’s practically rocket science.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop


      A visiting relative, familiar with driving in Dublin occasionally, enquired if there was anything they needed to know in the city now that we had the Luas.
      ‘Stop at an amber/red light and don’t stop in a box’ I says.
      ‘You mean don’t drive like a moron?’ she says.

    1. tm

      No, time to slap heavy fines & convictions on clowns like the driver of the car. Trams successfully traverse the streets of most European large cities, but there will always be fools driving cars.

    2. rotide

      There are many good reasons to argue that the Luas should be underground.

      Preventing morons from jumping lights is not one of them

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        This light-jumping causes a lot of angst and accidents on the wide junctions of the N4 and N7 too. Crazy stuff.

    3. Mani

      You’re a real lateral thinker. Ever thought of pursuing a career in public service?

  2. rob

    We need traffic cameras, with fines and points to catch those caught breaking a red light, and stopping in a yellow box.
    The Netherlands is littered with traffic cameras at junctions to catch and fine people who break red lights.

      1. Mikier

        +1 UK do this. Strange that they have not done it here, I am sure it would bring in plenty of revenue. Put them at bus lanes too, make a lot a money.

    1. Mr. T.

      “We need traffic cameras, with fines and points to catch those caught breaking a red light, and stopping in a yellow box.”

      We already do. We just don’t have a police force who like getting off their asses.

      1. Sinabhfuil

        Bus driver who’d worked in Britain told me that there buses have front and rear cameras and the driver can press a button to take a photo, and then a fine is *automatically* sent to the owner of the licence plate with a copy of the picture, if I understood him rightly.

    1. ReproBertie

      Hey! Where’d you get that? I came up with that “Green is go, Amber is go faster, Red is two more cars.” line from waiting at the lights at the triangle in Phibsoboro/Glasnevin every work day for years and I know I’ve used it here.

      I feel like I’ve finally made a contribution to society.

  3. BenTen

    These accidents are always down to car drivers. Having worked on this street for 3 years I’ve serious respect for the LUAS lads, they’re always very quick to stop if a Junkie or a car drifts out in front of them.

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