De Tuesday Papers


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MORE to folly

Thanks Tanya O’Neill (The Westmeath Examiner, The Connacht Telegraph); Enda Bolger (The Irish Sun); Colm Heaney (The Irish Daily Mirror); Geoff McGrath (The Irish Daily Mail); Dermot Ahern (The Irish Examiner) Nick Sutton (UK covers)

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4 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Joe cool

    Awful sad about oul Bill. Gutted. Haven’t heard a bad word about him all day. Everyone seemed to like Bill. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family

  2. Quint

    So Longford might be getting the same treatment as Roscommon if it wasn’t in a joint constituency with Westmeath, who saved their asses. Well done Westmeath.

  3. ReproBertie

    I like the Indos refreshing honesty.

    What men really want in a woman. 2-for-1 Pizza.

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