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Gavin writes:

I know I’m asking for abuse by posting a cliched tech job, but there’s nothing like stirring the pot to help find the right person a great job

We are looking to find an experienced entrepreneur to help us introduce great people to the exciting new world of short term jobs in Ireland. A “CTO” to throw in another cliche…

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is for us to find somebody sound, we want happy lives, so pr*cks need not apply ;)



58 thoughts on “Broadsheet Job Club: Chief Technology Officer

  1. Starina

    Well CTO is what they’re called so no need to get so embarassed and use quotation marks. seriously.

  2. Casey

    the exciting new world of short term jobs in Ireland.
    oh be still my exploited heart…..

    1. Gavin

      Thanks! Not sure why you think it’s moronic.. but I can see why it might come across as judgemental. Hopefully we can change your mind when we launch!!!

      1. Clampers Outside!

        You said “Shoot Me! shoot me!” didn’t you?

        …tsk, tsk, you’re on to this place.

        No really, sincere good luck with the launch!

        Now that that’s out of the way, where I done gonna apply for a visa to this happy place?

          1. BenTen

            So, ehm, you get people to sign up to pay for pieces of work, and people to sign up to be paid for pieces of work, and you take a cut, meaning the person being paid is paid a premium to cover all of the expenses that the employer forgoes. Is that the business plan?

            It sounds like you’re the middle man between a contractor and short term employer, which is nothing new.

            Era, what do I know, I just hope you treat people fairly, good luck with it.

    1. Gavin

      Thanks @DoLoads! We’re actually not as evil as the above make us out to be… But sure if we stayed quiet and never did or said anything, I’m sure they still wouldn’t like us!

    1. Gavin

      Definitely not, the absolute opposite in fact. We’re trying to give people who choose not to, or don’t have the ability to work 9 – 5, just as much control as somebody who does. Hopefully when we launch you will like what we’ve done!

  3. munkifisht

    If there’s any justice left in Ireland, the supply chain of exploited workers these “sound” bunch of muppets are preying on will be choked off sooner rather than later.

    1. Gavin

      We’ve been those workers, and we’ve seen the best and worst of working on demand. So we are building this to make sure the people doing the work have just as much power as the people hiring.

      Check it out when we launch, honestly, I think you’ll be surprised at what we trying to build.

  4. Bar

    Well Gavin, you sound like a bit of a prick to me so I will not be applying. A higher resolution image would help your cause.

    Is there such a thing as a sales and marketing focused CTO?

      1. Gavin

        Thanks for checking us out anyway.. I’ll work on the not sounding like a total prick thing…

        New Website and product will be launching in July, sure check it out, and if you still hate me I’ll buy you a pint to apologise.

        1. dhaughton99

          “I’ll work on the not sounding like a total prick thing…”

          Just make you sound like a bigger prick.

  5. Cian

    “We are looking to find an experienced entrepreneur to help us introduce great people to the exciting new world of short term jobs in Ireland”

    I wonder if this is a way of making things slightly easier for contractors, or a way for businesses to employ people without giving them any employment rights. I suppose, it’s always possible it’s both.

    Are you employing the CTO in the same way?

    1. Gavin

      Hey Cian,

      I just posted above: We’ve done both the hiring and working in this space for a long time, so we’ve seen how people can do really well, but also how they can be really taken advantage of.

      We are trying to build something that gives the people doing the work just as much power as the person doing the hiring. All I ask is you judge it for what it is when it launches, I think you’ll see we are trying to stop hirers taking advantage.

      1. Anne

        We’ve done both the hiring and working in this space

        Is that English? What space?

        Go way with your gibberish..

  6. Medium Sized C

    Sales and marketing focused CTO……

    I thought a CTO is supposed to do the Tech stuff, not the sales and marketing stuff.
    That being the point of having a CTO position.

  7. Someone

    Actually, out of curiosity, in what ballpark is the pay?

    Because that’s really the only thing a candidate gives a s**t about.

    1. Anne

      In this space.. basically, it looks like a yes to your answer. In this space.

      Sorry, I’ll stop.. In a minute.

  8. Lordblessusandsaveus

    “an experienced entrepreneur”

    What an idiotic thing to put in a job ad. So-called Entrepreneurs employ themselves. They are not employed by someone else and it’s usually because they are unemployable anyway.

    The description of an Irish entrepreneur is some spoiled brat who squanders Daddy’s money on stupid ideas and leaves loads of people unpaid in his or her wake.

    1. Anne

      They clearly meant an entrepreneur who no longer wants to be an entrepreneur, in this space.

  9. Lordblessusandsaveus

    And this is clearly a race to the bottom piece of crap, more than likely led by an MBA who is just looking for another group of people to exploit by cheapening yet another set of professionals.

    You can go and s****.

  10. Lordblessusandsaveus

    “We’re not an agency, think of us like Hailo for short term staff.”

    Yeah yeah. You know that this is already being done and done properly. It’s about to be launched in Europe so unless you plan on going global within a week, you’re wasting your time.

    And soon enough, clients will realise that they can’t get consistent work by using this method. They’ll get cheapo one off rubbish from bad designers who can’t get regular clients the usual way.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      It was harsh alright… *hugs*?

      Hey, I got me a full-sus down hill trail bike, a lapierre raid fx. Taking her out proper this weekend for the first time… I know you like yer bikes. Anyway, if I go missing next week, I’ll be in a ditch in the hills somewhere in Co. Dublin probably… anyway, I digress… *hugs*?

  11. Lilly

    ‘Pr*cks need not apply.’

    Ah heeeoir, when did you ever come across a pr*ck with the self-awareness to realise that’s what he was? Mostly they think they’re God’s gift surrounded by morons who just don’t get them. Or they imagine they can be a pr*ck for the day and miraculously switch back to sweetness and light tomorrow and wonder why people keep them at arm’s length. Pr*cks!

  12. Sharon's Boyfriend

    You people!

    This a wonderful opportunity for someone. It practically says that in the line, ‘…to help find the right person a great job.

    I want to apply for the job.
    I have all the qualifications you ask for.
    I’m ‘sound’.

    Dammit, I must sound like a prick.
    -Throw my application in the bin.

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