temple street

Fore the week that’s in it.

Temple Street Children’s Hospital asked their patients about what advice they could give to the players taking part in this year’s Irish Open at The Royal County Down Golf Club.

Arnette Small writes:

This heart-warming video documents personal messages from the children on what it takes to be a great golfer, who Rory McIlroy is and most importantly what they dream of being when they grow up.

The children in Temple Street know a lot about taking on challenges and beating the odds so they can look forward to a long and healthy future. A future, where like their golfing heroes, they get to live their dreams – whatever those dreams may be

Cheeky brave little tykes.


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2 thoughts on “Miniature Heroes

  1. jeremy kyle

    “I heard you’re a bit of a golfer”

    That kid needs to be jailed for stealing my heat.

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