Five Minutes Of Irish Oil Consumption


8aaf0d_1603adbb92e34404bfbab7f9d52747df.jpg_srb_p_630_355_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbIMAGE-1-800x600Sinéad Burke writes:

Thought you might be interested to see what’s going up on Hanover Quay. It’s a project sponsored by DCC and Codema and designed by new Irish architecture practice de Siún Scullion Architects.  It’s literally five minutes of Irish oil use.  The project intends to make visible what is normally much discussed, but rarely seen.

To wit:

As we are all well aware, non-renewables energy sources are finite and are being consumed at an alarming rate. The rate at which these resources are being depleted can be expressed in a number of ways (CO2 per annum, Exajoules per country, TWh per capita etc), most of which are too abstract or on too colossal a scale for us to comprehend.

5CUBE takes a single fuel source we can all relate to in terms of volume, cost, and rate of usage and physically demonstrates how much is exhausted within a very short period of time.

The architects calculated that 473 barrels of oil are consumed every five minutes in Ireland. That’s a cubed volume of 4.2m. The 5CUBE represents this volume as a black glass-clad cube.

MORE: 5Cube In The Docklands (Irish Architecture Foundation)

12 thoughts on “Five Minutes Of Irish Oil Consumption

  1. I.P. Freely

    That’s not nearly enough. I’m driving to work in first gear this morning.

  2. Odis

    Wow, combining Art and Environmentalism – Is this a first for Ireland – someone email the Guardian.

    1. Paolo

      I didn’t read anything about environmentalism in this (I didn’t follow the link). It appears to be a warning about using up fuel instead of one about pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. I would be perfectly happy if all fossil fuels were due to run out much sooner; then there would be some investment in true renewable energy rather than coil, oil, gas and nuclear.

      The planet is dying.

  3. Mikeyfex

    And I’ve just plucked a datasheet at random from the stack on my desk and it shows that this particular line on this data sheet which is part of a project with about 75 lines would produce a cube with 18m sides every 5mins, at atm and 15 deg C.

    That’s just one pipe line of dozens at this site. The site being one of thousands across the world.

    So don’t worry guys, there’s no shortage. Consume away.

  4. kiora

    Useless not a park bench in sight, usual Dublin Architecture, cold, sterile and unfit for any purpose, what am I gonna stand there looking at this cube for all of 2min before the desire to cover with graffiti kicks in, or a good diving platform for the kids………… really is this what we need to illustrate our resource use…. A campaign to stop privatization of our resources might of been money better spent…. Was a real genius who conceived this one.

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