A Bootcamp For The Brain



Part of the Howth Literary festival.

Globe-straddling polymath Andy Kershaw in the Abbey Tavern, Howth, Co Dublin on June 6.

The Irish debut of his two-hour one-man show based on his jaw-dropping autobiography ‘No Off Switch’.

From the Old Grey Whistle Test to war zones via Live Aid, World music, and life-splintering personal crises, Andy has seen things you don’t ever want to see.

Brilliantly-named Clash tribute act Clashjamwallop will provide live music on the day.

Thanks Eugene

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8 thoughts on “A Bootcamp For The Brain

  1. rotide

    They should get right on that

    Worked wonders for Floyd Mayweather and John Lennon.

    Gonna have to stop listening to Revolver now Joan.

  2. mcgenius

    Say that to his face and see what response you get. But you’re dead right of course. Any man who phones up his other half seeking access to his kids or looks at her in a funny way from the middle distance fully deserves a stint in the big house. This is why the Isle Of Man is regarded worldwide as a bastion of liberal righteousness. Or something.

  3. Sham Bob

    He got all defensive when John Murray asked about his ‘life-splintering personal crises’, even though it’s in the book he’s plugging.

  4. Gene C

    What do Sonny Barger’s Oakland Hell’s Angels and Carol Vorderman have in common? Both have eh, enjoyed the company of Andy Kershaw in their time.

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