Damn Whipsters



Cockles and muscles.

Dublin-based global social media monitoring conglomorate Newswhip.

You might be familiar with their handy widget on our home page.

We knew them when they were just two blokes, a Commodore 64 and a dog called Blue (we barely hear from them these days if truth be known). Anywho.


‘Whip Founder Paul Quigley (fourth from left above) writes:

We have good news to share today: NewsWhip has taken investment from some fantastic backers, including The Associated Press, 500 Startups, Tribal.vc, Matter, Social Starts and the SaaS Syndicate.

The funding totals over $1.6 million dollars. We plan to use it to develop the next generation of NewsWhip’s platform, making it even better at tracking, predicting and understanding the sharing of news stories and other viral content. We’ll also use the funds to grow the company’s US-based business development team. Between our offices in Dublin and New York, we will add at least fifteen more jobs over the next nine months, doubling our team size.

Fair play though, in fairness.

Jammy jammy jammy jammy


Introducing NewsWhip’s New Investors: (Newswhip)

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27 thoughts on “Damn Whipsters

  1. scottser

    ah broadsheet, ye could have all that too if ye didn’t let us gobsh1tes near the comments section..

  2. doncolleone

    really just stop sucking up to these glorified spammers, both pathetic, we need leeches like these like we need herpes. eff off.

  3. Gers

    Newswhip represent all that is wrong with the Internet but not surprisingly it attracts other syndication type businesses. Its beneficial to corporates who will cream even more advertising revenue but sadly for the users its more click-bait shoite to content with.

    Kudos on the decent, regular outfits however.

    1. Well that's that

      For balance, so can yer man with the smiley head and the giant t*ts NOMNOMNOMNOM

  4. yerman

    Broadsheet user logic: Successful business and more jobs = some shower of dickheads.

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