19 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Bairritz

  1. Irish

    I’m sorry but he looks nothing like him, well he has a beard, is that it?

    Pointless piece

      1. Joe Dolan

        Is he wan of the Cemetery lane Adams’s? Wan of Morticia an’ Gomez’s lads?

      1. Chris

        Yea, ‘Man in France has beard’, worst post ever. It’s so bland and empty, cavernous and dull, without structure and an incredibly weak look-a-like reference thrown in. It’s worst crime is that it is just truly awful but in no way tasteless, at least if it was tasteless I could feel something.

  2. Smashmouth

    Taking a picture of an unsuspecting stranger and throwing it up online

    I despair for humanity

    1. Murtles

      It’s the socks and shoes with shorts I despair for. Hope the photographer smacked him across the head for that fashion faux pas.

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