26 thoughts on “The Weekend Starts Here

    1. Sheikh Yahbooti

      That’s “rooordhl”. Like “we were drinkin minyiddles at th’ fyoonyiddle”.

          1. dereviled

            That’s when they closed the coalmines.

            *gets coat
            I was going out anyway, it’s a grand day here.

  1. illuminati16

    Don’t worry we will be back to run the place come tuesday, couldn’t trust the howiyas with anything bar their core skill set : taxi and bus driving. And a fine job ye do of it..

  2. Quint

    The bogger thing always makes me laugh. Dublin is just a bigger version of the average Irish provincial town, just with more skangers and junkies.

    1. dereviled

      That would be the “Milking-Parlour with Hint of Silage”. Very popular.
      We also do a “Pig Slurry” which has a full-mouth feel and metallic afterslap. That one’s a real head turner!
      Featured this Month:
      Worm dose for cattle with a spritz of Jeyes fluid.
      Tell your friends.

      1. Joe the Lion

        The smell of milking parlour is a persistent one and used to haunt me in my teenage years. Even worse (or better :) is that disinfectant you use to wash the clusters and teatcups

    2. illuminati16

      Don’t yous howiyas go burning the place down while we are gone alrite bud?

  3. Quint

    Once you go beyond the M50, it’s nothing but gap-toothed savages drinking goblets of meade in their thatched shebeens.

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