You Might Want To Sit Down



This afternoon.

Shane writes:

Spotted in Groningen, Netherlands….may change everything…




This afternoon Last month apparently.

Dalkey, Co Dublin

Pic via John Fahy

Thanks Localization

38 thoughts on “You Might Want To Sit Down

  1. Randy Ewing

    Here already, Some hipster kid in Milltown passed me on a yellow one of those scooters a few weeks back.

    1. Parochial Central

      Some readers can be a bit slow on the uptake. Northsiders, for example.

      1. scottser

        yeah, but southsiders think that sex is what you keep spuds in, and that a creche is a two-car collision in foxrock.

        1. Parochial Central

          There’s a job for you writing jokes for Brendan O’Connor on the Saturday Nigh… oh. Right. Sindo then.

          1. scottser

            and there’s one for you over on the journal. close the door on your way out like a good man.

  2. Jimmee

    The guy with the San Pellegrino is the sort of yuppy idiot that will pay €7 for a glass of it in the Westbury and watch it poured in to a glass with ice made from tap water.

      1. Jimmee

        Or maybe he found it on the side of the road and was transporting it to the nearest bin.

    1. doncolleone

      6 one litre bottles of the stuff in Tesco for 7 euro, it’s hardly Chablis innit.

    2. Niallo

      Heh, well spotted sir, the moneyed idiot is easy to spot in an environment like that, looking around to see who’s admiring him, while the barman sloshes the san pel all over some jax fresh ice cubes with a barely disguised sense of loathing.

  3. Rob_G

    Can’t see any benefits to those yokes over a bicycle – a micro-scooter performs basically the same function, and needs a lot less space.

    One of these needs the same amount of storage space as a bike, without any of the mechanical advantages.

    1. Domestos

      Just inside the Dalkey border. The border runs between the peaks of Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill, to left of Saval Park Road out front, and down to White Rock out the back, which would be further back to the right of this pic. How much of this is made up? Not even I know the answer to that.

  4. Kdoc

    They’re just a variant of the old scooter. I saw adults using them for short commutes in the States.

  5. ahyeah

    I’d say after a couple weeks of using one of them, the novelty would be well and truly gone – and then you’d start thinking “it’d be great if this fecking thing had some pedals”

  6. Yorick

    More evidence of the European crisis. Poor Dutch folks going around in Flintstone cars, while we party with our Pellegrino. There’s jsut no fairness in this world anymore.

  7. guy bague

    Interesting that the people that gravitate towards these devices are the ones most in need of exercise.

  8. puddlerbobby

    Don’ get it, Dalkey guy, has a s***e lock, expensive water, free mudgaurd and lights not hooked with kryptonite? BS please leave a small explanation of the codology you imply?

  9. Crank

    Groningen is pretty small and flat, and everywhere has somewhere to lock bikes (or these yokes) outside.

    You’d be a while getting one of these up Gardiner St. Or Killiney Hill for that matter.

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