The Man Who Dropped His Chips In Slane


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 19.06.01


He must have queued five hours for those.

A compilation of some ‘revellers’ who fell in the mud at Slane this weekend.


Thanks Rob Roygg

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33 thoughts on “The Man Who Dropped His Chips In Slane

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Never mind John when the chips were down he got back on his feet.

  1. Toe Up

    The Guards must have great grips on their boots, or else they are not completely gee-eyed.

  2. Brian S

    Stand on a muddy hill in the pissing rain and watch a band from a kilometre away all for €85? Bargain! Oh plus the €30 to get there and back on a bus.

    1. Toe Up

      Don’t forget about the €6 flat pints of crap beer served in plastic glasses and the massive queues to get them.

    2. Joe

      Thinly veiled comments to hide the fact ye are no craic what so ever, hell I’d go as far to say ye are minus craic.

      1. Mike

        If this is craic, I am indeed anti-craic. Slane is one event I am lucky to have never attended.

        1. scottser

          It is widely known that getting locked and rolling around in your own shite is good for the soul. If you havent done it once in your life then you go to purgatory when you die.

        2. Someone

          Whilst I agree that the video makes it looks miserable, the fact you’ve never been to Slane is just sad.

          There’s been plenty sunny days out there.

    3. Jonotti

      I really don’t get how people consider that as fun. Just look at the pictures.
      And we’re talking the foo fighters and kaiser chiefs here.

      1. Dongle

        Agreed. Was at forbidden fruit yesterday. Jaysus, it was awful. I was irritated by half of the people there just by looking at them. People with no consideration for others louting about. There were 40 minute queues for the women’s jacks, as a result girls were squatting against fences in full view of everyone-if they were pissed and care free fair enough but these girls were clearly mortified and in a desperate situation. The bar was also a disaster…I could go on here. I questioned myself yesterday, am I an old and cranky man at 30 or is this place rubbish? I left early and went to Thomas House on Thomas St, ’twas fantastic.

        1. Custo

          It’s been like that for 4 years now. Absolutely atrocious festival. No identity music wise, awful layout probably the worst organization I’ve ever seen. I reckon it’s finished after this year because of the amount of freebies they gave out. I know about 12 people who went and no one bought a ticket.

  3. Ted

    I’ve never seen so many wasted 30 and 40 year-old Pope’s children in all my life. Their parents were at least 10 years younger + married when JPII visited. I suppose if you’re living in a €1000 a month bed sit, you have to get your kicks from somewhere. Today’s teenagers have more sense.

      1. Ted

        Embracing your instinctive urges by growing up, getting a job and having a healthy family early is “boring” nowadays? I hope they have their little 40 year-old fun and don’t expect The State to pay their rent when they’re “retired”.

        1. Hank

          Spoken like a man who’s just realised marriage and kids have robbed him of his life!

  4. Quint

    Looks truly hellish. €80+ for seeing a band from miles away in the mud, rain and cold. Well done, suckers.

    1. Anomanomanom

      I was there. Never again, good acts on but the venue is awful. Rain and mud are not an issue it’s the ridiculous unnecessary long walk to a bus.

  5. Deem

    Nobody has mentioned the editing required due to the portrait filming.


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