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This morning.

Via BBC:

Wojtek Paprota., founder and chief executive of British-Polish chip firm, Walletmor, said:

“Chip implants contain the same kind of technology that people use on a daily basis

“From key fobs to unlock doors, public transit cards like the London Oyster card, or bank cards with contactless payment function.

“The reading distance is limited by the small antenna coil inside the implant. The implant needs to be within the electromagnetic field of a compatible RFID [or NFC] reader. Only when there is a magnetic coupling between the reader and the transponder can the implant can be read.

“RFID chips are used in pets to identify them when they’re lost,” he says. “But it’s not possible to locate them using an RFID chip implant – the missing pet needs to be found physically. Then the entire body gets scanned until the RFID chip implant is found and read.”

The microchip implants that let you pay with your hand (BBC)



No contest.

This afternoon.

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday…

…Elle Sleep writes:

Back in the 90’s no one could have predicted that a chip advert would spark a national debate…’Daddy Or Chips‘? The simple yet generation-defining question had kids everywhere choosing between their fatherly influence, or the humble chip – and let’s face it, Dad’s didn’t come out on top a whole lot.

Irish brand Strong Roots is seeking to level the playing field and give mums the chance to take on the ultimate rival for their children’s affections. But this time it’s not just any chip – it’s a Strong Roots Proper Chip, made from just two ingredients – Maris Piper potatoes and a drop of sunflower oil. Will Mammy fare any better in time for Mother’s Day?


Strong Roots

Irish-made stuff to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘irish-Made Stuff’

James McCarthy (left) and Conor McCarthy, founders of Flipdish

This afternoon.

Flipdish, an Irish-made digital ordering platform, has revealed the takeaway orders that were most popular among Irish consumers this Bank Holiday weekend.

1. Chips (53%)

2. Battered sausage (17%)

3. Margherita pizza (11%)

4. Onion rings (9%)

5. Curry chips (5%)

6. Chicken tenders (5%)

7. Doner kebab (5%)

8. Taco chips (5%)

9. Snack box (4%)

10. Chicken burger (4%)

Coca-Cola (13%), Coke Zero (3%) and Fanta (2%) were the most popular drinks among Irish consumers this weekend. Meanwhile, Garlic (19%) and Curry (18%) sauce were the two most ordered dips.

Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Chipdish Flipdish said:

“Seeing orders increase by 135% this bank holiday Monday compared to a regular Monday in October is heartwarming as Irish consumers are keen to order directly from their favourite restaurants and takeaways and aid in the recovery of the hospitality sector.”


Pic: Conor McCabe


Thanks Ted

From top: Harvard food boffin’s tweet; tea time at Fusco’s

Ultan Mashup writes:

Starch Bombs”….This would never fly in the best chipper in Dublin, Fusco’s, Meath Street…


A professor said 6 chips at a time is enough. Twitter revolted (RTÉ)

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