De Wednesday Papers


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MORE to folly

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Thanks Tanya O’Neill (Anglo-Celt, Westmeath Independent, Meath Chronicle); Enda Bolger (Irish Sun); Kevin Cramer (Irish Examiner) Nick Sutton (UK covers); Sheila Reilly (Longford Leader)

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8 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Ted

    Slow news day. Examiner stuck for a story. Editorial team: Let’s rehash old figures and reinvent another anti-Catholic story (this time with a HSE twist) and put it in headlines.

    I’d sooner be alive and trafficked to a good home in America with a vetted mum and a dad than be dead and aborted. Disgusting anti-Catholic article one week, pro-abortion article the next.

    I see the “septic tank” hoax has been dropped and reincarnated as “mass grave”.

    And as for this unnamed social worker “working in her own time and on her own dollar”, you’re left wondering is she a mixture of unemployed, unaffiliated or basically just one of these types who sends narky letters into the diocesan office demanding to be “unbaptised”?

    It’s no wonder fewer and fewer are buying this dinosaur media dead tree bullsh*t anymore.

    1. Kieran NYC

      And fewer and fewer are buying the dinosauric bull that you’re peddling too. How does it feel to be the last of a dying breed? :)

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