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Further to the spectacular Vanity Fair cover of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce…

Emily writes:

“Debbie Hickey, from Studio Ten Photography, made this. When asked if it’s sorcery, she replied, ‘25% macro photography, 25% photoshop and 50% sorcery’.”

Studio Ten Photography


Newstalk reports:

“The Public Expenditure Minister says the Government will look to ‘relieve’ the ‘torture’ suffered by transgender people when it discusses the Gender Recognition Bill today. The draft legislation has been working its way through both Houses of the Oireachtas. If enacted, it would allow passports and other civil registration documents to recognise a person’s new gender – in the case where someone has chosen to change it.”

Brendan Howlin: Government will look to ‘relieve the torture’ suffered by transgender people (Newstalk)

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21 thoughts on “Lady Lego

  1. bisted

    ….I’ve always been puzzled by the Lego stuff posted on here…still don’t get it but it appears to have mutated.

  2. Tony

    I like the Lego stuff as memes go but why depict Caitlyn Jenner as a Lego figure? What’s the punchline?

      1. Jones

        Because Lego figures are plastic and their gender can be altered at the drop of a hat

  3. donkey_kong

    torture…eh…extra point for melodrama.

    labour are mad for this whole idealism stuff…identity politics was a term I read earlier.

    no bother with irish water, austerity , crap health service, jobs etc…
    only really care about the social utopia ideals of the chattering class coffee drinkers rather the real bread and butter stuff.

    I’/m sorry trans people feel bad but Labour’s attitude in swinging toward this type of politics is a disgrace. Its’ possible to have both side of politics but I guess the Ivana Bacik brand of labour don’t care for that once this leftie utopia is implemented who cares if they get to rule over the ashes.

      1. donkey_kong

        you probably believe that based on my comment.
        But I’ll have you know if you saw how many facebook likes and shares I gave to worthy causes , you’d’ soon take back that smart remark

        1. scottser

          shares, likes and retweets are how you get into heaven these days – carry on, kong.

          1. donkey_kong

            I must join twitter so to boost my chances.

            although since the mob voted for gay marriage – I reckon that has eliminated many of those ahead of me in the queue.

          2. scottser

            you’ll find that those who voted yes are going to heaven lad. no voters are headed the other way..

          3. Nially

            Man, it’s amazing how the “reasonable” facade of two weeks back has dropped in favour of “people who voted Yes are literally going to Hell”. It’s almost like you were this twisted and hateful all along, but just pretended not to be! Gosh!

          4. scottser

            nially, it’s more amazing that people refuse to display a sense of humour about these things.

          5. Nially

            It’s actually not that surprising, when you consider that most LGBT people (T in particular) have faced a lifetime of discrimination and legal inequality, that transgender people still face both in spades, and that in a country where most people are still educated in a Catholic environment, many LGBT people experience difficulties in reconciling the faith they were indoctrinated into with their sexuality/gender identity.

            So yeah, in that environment, we’re often pretty humourless about nasty little scrotes like donkey_kong and their oh-so-funny “LOL you and people who support you are going to hell anyway!” style of ‘humour’.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      You should try talking to some Irish trans people about what they’ve had to go through sometime. I guarantee you wouldn’t be joking about it afterwards.

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