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    1. AhHereLeaveItOut

      That would be a ballsy move, and the crotchety old man may give her trouble she doesn’t kneed. It might be better to skirt around the issue, just leg it go and seat what happens.

    2. Starina

      also hate it when the bus is busy and the guy is sitting about six inches from the wall so you have to perch on the edge of your side of the bench. lads! become aware of others!

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        So very annoying. Although sometimes you really do not want to touch the wall (wall boogers). But they could point that out.

  1. Sam

    No excuse for it on subways, but looking at the photo you’ve picked to illustrate this, it might not be the best example, it looks like the man has longer legs than the female passenger, and that the seat in front is too close for him to put his knees right in front of him.
    I’m over 6ft tall myself, so I always pick my seat carefully on the bus so I don’t have to contort myself.

      1. Alex Chilton


        There are only a select few seats where I can sit on the bus without taking up the whole seat.

        1. Just sayin'

          Are you tall, fat or both?

          I have a real problem with fatties taking up two seat on the bus every morning.

      1. Sam

        Just like to point out that above poster is not the same “Sam” that posted at 9:20

  2. John E. Bravo

    I can see in the context of how women are often made to feel less than welcome in public spaces that this would be hugely annoying. But the fault lies with transit engineers who don’t leave space in front. The legs are there, they have to go somewhere, either forwards into a gangway (annoying standing people, those sitting across), or to the side. The only way this doesn’t happen is reduce the recommended passenger load and allow more space for seats, or remove seats altogether.

    1. karl

      I’m over 6’2″ and it’s impossible for me to put my legs straight in front of me without pressing hard against the seat in front, which is highly uncomfortable, so this bothers the poo out of me. Having said that, I definitely do not sprawl my legs apart like some pervy fupp.
      In addition to being tall, I’ve quite broad shoulders (I’m not fat, just over 14 stone) and I’m very conscious of taking up more space than necessary. There’s f all I can do about it if I’m on a bus unless I stand for the whole journey.

      Engineers to blame for it. People should definitely take the situation into consideration. It’s smelly people that bug me.

    1. Sam

      Or perhaps, told to cop on.

      I’ve seen similar with women and handbags, preferring to put the handbag next to them on the neighbouring seat rather than on their lap.

      In cases where someone says “can you move that please” the problem tends to be corrected fairly quickly.
      So maybe rather than just taking a picture, people need to assert themselves a bit more.

      I was on a train in Germany last week and this big muscular guy was taking up 2 seats (one for his duffle bag) on a train out of Berlin Hbf at rush hour, the small lady next to him, asked him to move the bag and let someone else sit down, and the woman on the other side of him chimed in as well. And he put the bag on the floor so another passenger could sit. Took about 5 seconds for the problem to go away.

      Perhaps in America, they’re worried that the guy will pull out a couple of handguns and shoot up the whole train in defense of his ‘territory’.

      1. Joe the Lion

        agree completely

        some people are just thoughtless or preoccupied – remind them that they’re in a public space

  3. Joe the Lion

    If you’re really too big to sit down in a space reserved for one person then purchase two tickets.

    I make a point of shoving them out of the way.

    Also when I see lazy individuals taking up two seats in the train I always try to sit down beside them.

    If their stuff is in my way it gets moved.

    After they do all this then I sit down somewhere else.

    Soon I am actually going to sit on top of such a person.

    That will show them.

    1. scottser

      maybe they should all be made to wear some sort of identifiable symbol, like a yellow bicursal star?

    2. Jones

      You sound like one of those Japanese men who molest women on trains, rubbing against everyone.

      Being 6 foot 5, public transport (and flying) is always hilariously uncomfortable. If someone is tall it obviously cannot be helped/altered unlike someone say who is morbidly obese and takes up two seats. I do my best to shuffle up and put my knees together but then on the bust this bulges the seat in front forward – not ideal – but if someone insisted I buy two tickets well then expect abuse back.

      1. Joe the Lion

        LOL @ If someone is tall it obviously cannot be helped/altered unlike someone say who is morbidly obese and takes up two seats

        Brilliant, thanks for the laugh

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’ve had the really long hair of the person in front of me constantly preened and waived over the bar of the seat and onto my knees, hairs shedding onto my clothes. So yes – just tuck everything in passengers!

  5. Fergus the magic postman

    Once had a guy on a bus keep nodding off, & dropping his head onto my shoulder each time.

  6. Supercrazyprices

    People who sit on the outside of a seat to discourage others from sharing the seat are selfish little dicks.

    1. Mani

      In our defence we so it to avoid sitting next to insightful tw*t nozzles such as yourself.

      1. Supercrazyprices

        I’d say you rarely engage with real people. You’re quite the snide little mean spirited creep. You think you’re funny but all your comments are barbed and aimed at someone.

        You’re a coward. And tight.

        1. Mani

          I’d try to respond with a similarly retarded psychological profile but I’m at least 5 seasons behind on Criminal Minds and Radharc.

    1. Starina

      breastfeeding is necessary. public urination (by any gender) and manspreading are not.

      1. Provisionial Chicken Fillet

        since men don’t have as wide of hips as women one could argue that it is necessary as sitting with the legs together is uncomfortable for men.

  7. fits

    There are people who dont need to ‘spread out’ and do it anyway. Was subject to this by a particularly repulsive individual only last week on a plane.

          1. Caroline

            This was the largest transport seat he could afford. Should he therefore be made the subject of fun?

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            As a person of smaller stature, tall people frequently annex my space, gorgeous or not. Its mine and I will fight you for it, even if I am a shorta****

  8. Colm

    In fairness, when you ride a bus or the luas or what have you, you’re not actually paying to sit down, you’re paying to be transported from one stop to another. Getting to do it sitting down is a bonus, but it’s not guaranteed in he price.

    People should be aware when hey are taking up two seats, but most of the time they’ll happily reposition themselves, or their bags, when asked.

    The chap spreading his legs to sit comfortably is bad enough … but I would say the picture taken of his manspreading regions is a worse breach of bus etiquette.

    1. Draxx Ltd II

      So seats on a bus are reserved for people under 5ft? Are you serious? What if they had a weight problem? Should they stand for their sins too?

      1. scottser

        they should only be allowed to sit down if they produce a medical certificate to say that their weight gain was due to a medical condition and not cos they are salad-dodging pie-freaks.

    2. Paolo

      What a silly comment. Who said that seat is for two people? Why not three?

      The guy has every right to sit in that seat. The seats should have more room. The girl’s complaint should be aimed at the transport company, not the tall guy having an uncomfortable journey.

  9. Supercrazyprices

    Problem is everyone has lost the ability to survive among others and tolerate others. All the frustration with real life situations are expressed online in places like this.

    It’s absurd.

    Nobody realizes that they too are being tolerated by others.

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