Alan Dukes (left) and Michael Noonan at a Fine Gael event in 2002


The Government is considering the appointment of a Commission of Investigation into certain activities and transactions at IBRC, former Anglo Irish Bank.
A proposal to establish such an inquiry has been brought to Cabinet today by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, using existing 2004 legislation. An announcement is anticipated later today.

The Government had previously asked IBRC special liquidators, Kieran Wallace [of KPMG, which advised on the Siteserv deal] and Eamonn Richardson to review various IBRC transactions which involved a cost to the Exchequer of at least €10 million or were seen to involve other matters of public interest.


Government considering IBRC commission of investigation (Harry McGee and Cliff Taylor, Irish Times)

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21 thoughts on “NOKPMG!

  1. ffintii

    This is where the investigative process will be long drawn out and buried in the ether of time

  2. Lilly

    As ‘Francis Almond’ said here a couple of nights ago, if bribes were paid for the special rates he received from IRBC, somebody had better start unearthing the paper trail – knowing full well that all that will be unearthed is toe nail clippings.

    1. Sam

      Well, remarkably enough, some ‘misfiled’ documents have just been discovered at the Dept of Finance.

  3. Pat

    Mayen Noonan will be a bit more amenable to answering questions in the Dail from now on. Isn’t it amazing? The only real opposition in the current Dail has been the Independents. Shatter was ejected basically, kicking and screaming. Noonan now has been brought from his high, snide, horse. Kenny has disappeared (Leader??). All because of the independents not prepared to succumb to the status quo. There’s a reaso. Why FG haven’t succeeded in ever getting a consequetive term in government. And it’s clearer now than it ever was before.

    1. ffintii

      All of the enquiry will be REDACTED to protect “private individual” banking arrangements, aside from leaks about those who are not well enough to be endowed with FG & FF private member club membership

    2. Brian Hession

      Kenny is as ineffectual as they come. An absolute non-entity. The morons will still vote for him, and his ilk, though, because they are morons.

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