Joan Talks To Herself


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Labour leader Joan Burton taking a selfie after she cast her votes in Cabra on May 22

Newstalk reports:

“The Tánaiste Joan Burton has confirmed the issue of abortion will be part of the Labour Party manifesto for the next general election. Labour says it wants to see a vote on whether or not to repeal the 8th Amendment, which gives equal rights in the Constitution to the mother and her unborn child.”

The report followed an interview Ms Burton did with Shane Coleman, stepping in for Pat Kenny, on Newstalk this morning.

At one point, Mr Coleman asked Ms Burton if the Labour Party is pro-choice.

Shane Coleman: Are you a pro-choice party?”

Joan Burton: “I would say that what we have now is an agreement that, as a party, we should seek to repeal the 8th amendment. But in the Labour Party, we have a whole range…”

Coleman: “You’re stopping short of describing the Labour Party as a pro-choice party.”

Burton: “Well in the Labour Party we’ve a whole range of views. We’ve people of very deep religious faiths, we have people who are agnostic. We have people who are atheist. We reflect the kaleidoscope, if you like, and the rainbow colour that’s the Irish nation. The Labour Party very much reflects that and what we have to do is we have to spend more time looking at, if we do repeal the 8th amendment, then what structure replaces it.”

Right so.

Burton confirms abortion referendum will be part of Labour manifesto (Newstalk)

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

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46 thoughts on “Joan Talks To Herself

  1. phil

    Have we not learned yet that it does not matter what they say before an election , no party ever keeps their election promises ….

    Now if she said it was a red line issues, and they wont go into government unless a number of promises they made are in the program for governemnt , I might listen , but they wont do that …

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Giving themselves a spit and polish, spouting a whole new list of promises, trying to make their leader hip n’ trendy AND trying to capitalise on the recent feel-good Referendum result?
    Pre-election politics, baby.

  3. Hank

    Well it’s not like she has form for making lots of pre-election promises and then cynically breaking them once elected or anything… Oh wait..

    1. Dubloony

      Equality referendum anyone? collective bargaining?

      Majority government party is FG. If people had really wanted Labour policies, they should have voted for them.

  4. mauriac

    interesting that in her answer she jumps straight to religious affiliations.a symptom of the outsourcing of moral development in Irish education maybe.

  5. Dubloony

    Labour voted at conference to repeal the 8th.

    There are people who are totally pro-choice, there are people to think that only limited circumstances are acceptable, there are people opposed in all circumstances.
    If people thought the equality referendum dug up some dirt, this will be horrible for anyone concerned. Its not black & white and can be reduced to cliches.

  6. Starina

    what does religion have to do with abortion legislation, Joan? That’s like answering “what’s your favourite colour?” with “well, some of us wear trainers, some of us wear sandals and some of us go barefoot”.

    1. rotide

      It’s not like that at all.

      You might not subscribe to a religion but many people do and religion guides them on moral issues such as abortion.

      It’s not a difficult concept to grasp. You might disagree with it but its not a nonsense answer.

        1. Odis

          Whilst I don’t know much about theology, I’ll have a stab at it.
          If you rape someone, that’s naughty.
          If you rape someone and they get pregnant, its still naughty, but crucially the pregnancy is “God’s Will”.

  7. brownbull

    assorted clowns of the Broadsheet reactionary left slagging off the Labour Party for having a constructive approach, building consensus to achieve change over time, working to achieve the most with their minority share in government – move along nothing to see here

    1. Caroline

      You can say what you like about her but you’ve misheard her accent, that’s for sure.

  8. rotide

    Wasn’t the labour party instrumental in bringing the SSM referendum to fruition? Could be wrong on that.

    Regardless, I’m astonished that this is met by such negativity here.
    Either they get in again and act on this which would be good no?
    Or they don’t act on it and the situation is unchanged.

    There is literally no down side to this.

    It’s not like any other political party is dancing around offering a solution. But hey, continue with the myopic axe grinding.

    1. McKay

      I’d think that most people posting here feel that Labour’s credibility is in the toilet and that as a viable political party they’re doomed to follow the Greens fate. Their contribution to the SSM referendum aside (and they weren’t long in reminding us of that) this interview comes across as a cynical attempt to capitalise on a perception that they’re a socially progressive bunch. Also it’s a move to differentiate themselves (too late imo) from FG’s centre right stance on this issue. Would there be an election soon?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Having their leader go around taking selfies is not going to garner back any of that lost respect.
        Have any of these politicians actually watched ‘The Thick of It’??

      2. Joe the Lion

        How more socially progressive do you think they could be as a minority party in government?

      3. rotide

        Most people posting here are either not old enough or have forgotten labours coalition with FF which doomed them to history as well. Didn’t quite turn out that way.

        apart from that though, my point is that this isn’t Joan saying she will lower taxes or reform the health service, EVERY politician says that.

        She is saying something that no other party is saying.

        1. McKay

          Well that’s me sold then. And all for the low low price of forgetting every backflip, broken promise and troika policy that your Dear Leader was willing to sacrifice their natural power base for.

          1. rotide

            You’ll need to specify which leader/political party/government you’re talking about there.

            or at least narrow it down from ‘every one. ever’

          2. McKay

            Joan Burton. Think that’s narrowed it down a bit. And since you probably work for the Labour Party yada yada..

      4. Fergus the magic postman


        Yes they were a minority party in government. A very spineless one at that, and they are almost unrecognisable I suspect to many of the people who helped put them there (of which I am one).

    2. Odis

      A lot of people on here want to vote for the Shinners because we’ve not tried them out yet.

  9. Kieran NYC

    Of course she’s going to hedge. She can’t just make up Labour election manifesto on her own.

    Jaysus wept.

  10. Parochial Central

    Geebag politics. Try that on the doorstep in Jobstown.

    Water charges? Nah. Jobs? Nah. Distrissed mortgage? Nah. Alcoholism or obesity? Nah.

    + Get Ivana Bacik elected in Dun Laoghaire? Definitely Nah.

    Is that your phone Joan or part of Ed Brophy’s collection?

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