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Dogs – Drift

Dublin guitar/synth four piece’s first release in two years.

Out today.

Dogs write:

This is our first new material since our Out In Cover EPand it’s the first taste of an upcoming EP due later this summer. The video (above) features footage from our performance at Castlepalooza 2014 and was directed by New York based Irishman Shane G Mahon. We’re playing a midnight show in Whelan’s Upstairs to mark the release on Saturday, June 13. Details here

Dogs; Drift (Spotify)

14 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. edalicious

    Seriously lads, that “snare” sample sounds like somebody breaking a twig with some reverb on it. The tune is good but the drum sounds are so distracting.

  2. smoothlikemurphys

    The XX and Racing Glaciers called, and they both want their sound back.

    1. Mani

      The most anticipated release since Brian Keenan and my first date with Clamper’s ma.

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