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43 thoughts on “Bubble Dog Explained

  1. seany_delight

    Terrible marketing. But what do you expect from scum book makers?

    Playing up to the image which prevented us enjoying a game against England for 15+ years.
    Its not exactly clear who they are accusing of being ‘yobs’ either, or why they are acting as if its ‘yobs’ is just a part of society that is to be expected and ‘proofed’ against.

    Perhaps we should ‘proof’ against gambling addiction by removing their stores from every corner, or banning advertising at sporting events. Sure its not even called the Heineken Cup any more……

    1. Jonny P

      Jaysus lighten up, just a bit of craic, seem clear enough to me who they are calling yobs it says: designated english supporters’ betting shop.

      1. Paolo

        No, it’s typical low-brow marketing from this scummy company that relies on the addiction of its customer base.

    2. Cark

      Well if it isn’t the Archbishop of Banterbury. Mind don’t you choke on your retainer.

  2. Birneybau2

    Nothing like telling a potential Hooligan element “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”

      1. dereviled

        “Millwall, Millwall, you’re all really dreadful, and your girlfriends are unfulfilled and alienated…”

  3. Captainautumn

    If there was a similar piss-take on the stereotypical Irish Paddy, say an AA counsellor sitting outside a pub in Piccadilly for an England/Ireland international we would be the first to complain. The marketing department in Paddy Power are dunderheads and I for one will laugh my arse off if the ‘yobs’ trash this place.

    1. SLFCUltra

      And do you think that Paddy Power would be disappointed if the place was indeed trashed?
      The answer is no.

    2. Jonny P

      Doesn’t make it less funny, i’d laugh at the AA piss take too, its called a sense of humor. people complain about anything and everything. Lets ban all jokes/piss takes all together because they may cause offence

    3. Joe Dolan

      It’d be fair funny if they stood outside the place, didn’t touch it but stopped people from going in.

  4. Zarathustra

    I read somewhere recently that 1300 hooligans who are well known to the UK police are being prevented from travelling over for the game, I really hope there’s no trouble on Sunday.

  5. Kieran NYC

    Irony of people who have no problem with this and yet were foaming at the mouth and hurling insults over that Australian politician the other day.

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