FAI chief John Delaney and partner Emma English at the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua yesterday

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But of course there are questions of legal and ethical impropriety in this arrangement. For one, the payment was kept confidential, and Delaney claims he had to abide by a confidentiality provision.

On the other hand, his spontaneous public confession suggests otherwise, and he didn’t have to agree to the confidentiality provision in the first place.

Why would a nonprofit sporting organization and one of its member nations think that keeping this payment secret was a proper way to conduct business? Losing teams are always unhappy, and lawsuits almost never provide satisfaction, so FIFA had very little to fear in a courtroom.

Yet this secret deal — with both the amount and the entire arrangement kept clandestine — still struck both parties as perfectly reasonable. If further investigation determines that these private parties agreed to commit public wrongs, the deal might not be a shrewd bargain so much as an illegal conspiracy.

More troublingly, why was the payment characterised as a “loan” to build a stadium? If that description turns out to be inaccurate, then the creative bookkeeping might have been an effort to hide the hush money.

So even if Delaney was right to accept the money and to stay quiet about it, football fans of Ireland might still consider this accounting ingenuity a firing offense. If not for Delaney, then perhaps for the auditors…..

Prof. William Birdthistle, professor of law at Illinois Institute of Technology

Famine In Irish Football (Washington Post)



Unpalatable as it may seem, €5m in cold hard cash was an extraordinary coup. In one fell swoop, Delaney made up for much of the shortfall in corporate ticket sales for the Aviva, and did so without being in any way beholden to Fifa.

When all the posturing and righteous indignation has died down, people will see that John Delaney actually managed to deliver what our actual team has conspicuously failed to achieve in recent times. A result.


John Delaney has played a blinder – and it’s time that everyone woke up to that (Michael O’Doherty, The Herald)

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    1. Odis

      I thought she’s gone to Canada to work on that new TV show. The Migrants or whatever.

  1. rotide

    Lets ignore all the articles supporting or neutral on delaney and grab one that is negative on him.

    ok so.

    1. Wayne.F

      Rotide when you pay yourself 3 times what you pay the team that win your league there is no defending your position

      1. wearnicehats

        that’s akin to saying Bill Gates should pay himself the same as the guy who cleans his jacks

        1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

          That’s akin to saying the League of Ireland winners should be cleaning Delaney’ toilet.

      1. Rugbyfan

        The fact that Kenny stated tat sums up Irish political life…..accountability is for someone else!

  2. Pedantic Pat

    “On the other hand, his spontaneous public confession suggests otherwise, and he didn’t have to agree to the confidentiality provision in the first place.” – the Professor has obviously not read the FAI statement…


    First paragraph – “This action is being taken because FIFA has confirmed the transaction. As such, it is the view of the FAI Board who met today, that they are no longer obliged to abide by the confidentiality agreement with FIFA.”

  3. Eoin

    Name of the article on the WP site is “Famine in Irish football”.
    Irish Famine jokes? Poor taste.

  4. The big fella

    He’s some dope to have herself dressed as a general beside him at the match yesterday. Even worse to be kissing her. Just keep head down and move on. Instead he’s getting made on to look like sepp light. I genuinely don’t think he is but when you throw poo at a wall it sticks or makes a mess of the wall. And the floor when it runs down the wall.

        1. realPolithicks

          If he’s not incompetent, then he’s corrupt. Either way he should resign.

  5. Anomanomanom

    Why are people talking about a story that was in the papers last year. It’s not a new story.

  6. The big fella

    The accounting treatment of the payment is new. The knowledge of other associations who didn’t get a 5m bung is new. All mid downfall of FIFA corruption scandal, which whilst not new, is headline news. So I guess that’s why.

  7. bllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ffs you people need me to spell it out for you?


    *ring ring ring*
    dinny: yo Johnny remember when I bankrolled trap etc?
    delano: shur boss
    dinny: well i’m in a bit of a tizzy with this siteserv crap and kenny is keeping his mouth shut so I need you to do me a solid
    delano: how about I go on the radio and whip up some shit?
    dinny: legend, I’ll get you back
    delano: no bother

    1. Lilly

      He must be fifty so I’m guessing she’s somewhen in that ball park. Old enough to know better.

      1. Zarathustra

        Obviously, she’s trying to show her support for him by the pair of them being so openly amorous while he’s in the public eye, but it reeks of insecurity; also, in some of the Sunday papers’ photos, she was classed as beautiful; seriously, if she’s beautiful, then most women I’ve met and know in my life, are more beautiful and could be easily held to a much higher standard.

  8. kwikster

    No mention of KPMG. Probably the must useless auditors in history. Or are they the most useful in history?

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