Eggs And Rashers Matter


Gay Brunch Poster(1)

The Big Gay Brunch Club.

Buzz writes:

Every Sunday from midday to 5pm The Front Lounge, Parliament Street, Dublin  will be serving up the tastiest treats from Super Chef Denis Massey. A special brunch, drinks and cocktails menu is also being created.

We will have a selection of  DJs to ease you in from sunday morning to the afternoon, and maybe even getting you in the mood for sunday evening ! :) The sunday papers/board games /Colouring in for the kids will also be avaialble

To celebrate we have FREE brunch for TWO plus a bottle of bubbles to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader. Just solve this same sex culinary teaser.

Create a dish using ALL the rainbow colours…

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm

The Big Gay Brunch Club (Facebook)

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38 thoughts on “Eggs And Rashers Matter

  1. Frenchtoastlover

    A rainbow brunch salad..with sliced RED onion,shredded ORANGE carrot, fried YELLOW egg noodles
    with GREEN lime juice, seared BLUE-fin tuna, PURPLE cabbage and VIOLET sliced beetroot.
    Ps. The Front Lounge does the sexiest french toast known to man which I hope to eat if I win this competition.

  2. Harchibald

    R = pan seared chorizo
    O = Orange juice on the side of course
    Y = poached egg
    G = pan seared young asparagus (cooked in sea salt and butter)
    B = a crumble of blue cheese
    I = purple sprouting brocolli
    V = lavender infused English muffin

  3. fluffybiscuits

    Gay Brunch

    Rashers (Red)
    Maple Syrup (Orange)
    Spinach and Egg Omlette (Green/Yellow)
    Freshly baked Italian bread with Blue Cheese Dip (Blue)
    Black beans – refried so they are soft (Indigo)
    Caramelised Red Onion (Violet)

    Now that is a Rainbow Breakfast!!

    1. scottser

      that sounds rank. i had a think about this earlier and the best i could come up with was a pizza filled with all kind of stuff. then i got to blue – blue cheese? wtf? i reckon this one is going to be a culinary pukefest.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        especially if the blue cheese dip is actually blue.

        Stretching the rules a bit there Fluffy!

      1. James M.Chimney

        What? I just got a skittle and mashed potatoes with it. Last week I dropped an anvil on a punnet of strawberries!

        Smarties on toast? Weirdo!!!!

  4. Isla

    RED – oven roasted tomatoes

    ORANGE – scrambled eggs with melted cheddar cheese

    YELLOW – sourdough toast with lashings of butter

    GREEN – Green Juice with spinach, spring greens and kale

    BLUE – Blueberry pancakes

    INDIGO – Black bean breakfast burrito with sour cream and jalapenos

    VIOLET – Vanilla poached plums

  5. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    1.Red yokes
    2. Orange yokes
    3. Yellow yokes
    4. Green yokes
    5. Blue yokes
    6. Indigo yokes
    7. Beetroot juice

    Mash em all together and drink up.

    I call it the Sarah Murphy Tonic.

  6. Tom

    Red cayenne pepper
    Orange butternut squash
    Yellow pineapple slices
    Green avocado
    Blue Wkd (on the side)
    Indigo plums
    Violet figs

  7. Ms Piggy

    I watched the referendum results from the Front Lounge, and they fed us all very well as the Buck’s Fizz went round. It’s a great place :-D

  8. jsphbnkn

    Red: Rare Ribeye steak
    Orange: Sweet Potato Fries
    Yellow: A big bright runny poached egg yolk
    Green: Sprigs of mint in a nice fresh mojito
    Blue: Slice of blueberry pie for dessert
    Indigo: Steamed purple asparagus
    Violet: A few lavender flowers to add a fragrant edge to the mojito

  9. MintyFresh

    Fiesta Omelette

    Eggs and…

    Orange bell pepper, Yellow banana pepper, Red salsa, Green guacamole with Violet (purple!) heirloom tomato, Blue/Indigo corn chip garnish,

    1. Ppads

      I disagree. People still go despite of the decor not because of it.

      Those dark grey walls are depressing. It’s like the Kremlin in the nineties.

      No idea what the front part is meant to be at all. It’s sure as hell not a lounge with those chairs.

  10. ffintii

    Poached eggs and bacon sitting on an avocado puree with a rocket dressing on top of toasted muffins and a tortillo side with green and red pepper salsa

    1. Frilly Keane

      Forgot the blue bon bons to start

      Great yolks for the morning after sandpaper tongue

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