This afternoon.

Supporters, greyhound trainers and greyhounds protesting outside Leinster House against the proposed sale of Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium, Dublin 6w.

According to today’s Racing Post:

The Irish Greyhound Board, under pressure to reduce debt, has been advised via a report from Indecon to do so by selling Harold’s Cross and transfer all Dublin operations to Shelbourne Park. The Cross is said to face closure within two years…

Michael O’Keeffe, chairman of the Dublin Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association, sez:

“Harold’s Cross is a viable and important part of the greyhound industry.It’s been particularly busy there recently, and on Friday nights they’re out the door, the crowds are simply that good.In our view Shelbourne and Harold’s Cross, together, keep the rest of the greyhound business in Ireland going – and it makes no sense to close one part of such a successful facility…”

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

56 thoughts on “Ah Hare

    1. Sadface

      I dont see the same people picketing for more stringent welfare laws for their mealtickets dogs.

      1. Paolo

        Close all of the tracks. It’s an amoral industry that treats the dogs terribly. There is zero oversight.

    1. Bacchus

      I agree completely, a barbaric sport which heavily subsidises coursing, an even more barbaric sport.

  1. joe

    The sport should be banned. The dogs are treated appallingly, particularly at the end of their racing life, and often end up on a boat to China (guess what for)?.

    1. Owen

      I don’t questions the cruelty, but not sure there would be any financial viability in sending them to China.

  2. Starina

    Jesus, I thought they were protesting AGAINST greyhound racing at first, what with the rather awful cages on the dog’s faces.

    Hope their industry is closed. The dogs are abandoned once they’re no longer useful. Cruel.

    1. Paolo

      They are abandoned if they are lucky. Many get put down using blunt force trauma in the garden shed.

    2. joe

      cages are to stop them nipping at other dogs while playing. their coats are pretty thing, so they can get cut easily. but yeah, as per postmanpat, close it down, bunch of scum bags…

  3. Rob_G

    I always thought it strange that there were two greyhound racing stadiums within 2 miles of one another – there can’t be that much demand, surely?

  4. scottser

    well, you won’t be able to drive to harold’s cross with the proposed restrictions, unless you go via dundrum

  5. garthicus

    When my kids are older we’re going to adopt some greyhounds, they’re a wonderful animal.

    What’s the story with children betting at the greyhound races btw? Is it legal or do they just turn a blind eye?

    1. Mani

      They typically blind one of the kids’ eyes and then require them to face said eye towards the track in order to abide by the regulations of the track.

  6. jojo

    Close them down, area is in very short supply of decent new apartments, a track is a huge waste of space

  7. Owen

    Surely there has to be a better financial opportunity other than closing it down. A large open ground, with facilities, in the city. Can they not come up with ANYTHING to bring in more cash? It’s a dying pastime in Ireland, so why not branch out… look at horse lessons in the centre, athletics, crazy golf, feckin anything. No gain in closing it other than preventing more debt that has to be paid anyway.

    1. Joe the Lion

      suggestion box

      I) make tds and financial regulators ‘run’ the country from there
      ii) see how fast they can sell out the country – my bets are on very fast doggone it
      iii) or else tote-ally screw up for future generations

      beer now please

    2. Rob_G

      At present, nothing presents a better financial opportunity than selling it and turning it into apartments.
      There is an acute shortage of housing in Dublin – Dublin needs more houses and apartments in that part of the city than any of the things that you listed above.

      1. Optimus Grime

        No what Dublin needs is less people wanting to live in Dublin then we’d be sorted! We need folks wanting to live in Tubbercurry, Ticknock and Clongriffin.

  8. Sinabhfuil

    Isn’t hare coursing considered an essential part of training by these dog racing people?

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