24 thoughts on “No One Is Safe

  1. Parky Mark

    No, electric cars don’t get free parking. Regular cars can usually park in the spot too, and block the charger.

  2. jeremy kyle

    So you’ve to pay for the parking and for the charging?

    And I assume it takes several hours to charge. Seems a bit silly.

  3. Wayne.F

    No typical DCC joined up thinking they have to pay while charging only free parking and recharge spots are outside ESB HQ

    1. Chuckie

      No. Typical DCC joined up thinking. They have to pay while charging. Only free parking and recharge spots are outside ESB HQ.

  4. Kolmo

    Is ‘regular’ not an estimate of time? Not size or position on a scale of normalcy..am I being pedantic?

    1. ironcorona

      The dictionary has “usual; normal; customary” in the number 1 spot. Your definition comes in at number 9.

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