8 thoughts on “The Air Up There

  1. Delta Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo

    Can you climb that without being an experienced climber?
    Wanna have a look into it when I come home

    1. Dongle

      You can but make sure to plan your route well and stick to it. Bring gps, lots of water, wear decent boots and a good rain jacket. We went with two experienced climbers that were too proud to admit they’d made a balls of the route. It got a bit hairy in parts but grand in the end. Our route meant we had to do some tough and very steep climbing which meant there was no option for anybody to throw it in and turn around. I was like a demon on the day but happy now that I have done it.

  2. Mick Flavin

    If you’re fit, plan your route, and get a good day you’ll do it. No climbing gear other than good hiking boots/appropriate clothing required.

  3. Redtop

    Check this out :
    The route in the video looks like it starts at Cronin’s Yard. Other route available on opposite side of mountain from Hydro Station. All routes require a reasonable level of fitness, proper hiking boots, layers of clothes, jacket, hat & gloves, spare food & water, charged mobile phone, torch. Walking sticks useful but optional. Medical kit advised. Ordinance Survey map & compass useful if you can use them. Allow 7 to 8 hours round trip, so leave early enough to get back well before dark.

    1. Domestos

      This is what’ll be in front of you if you start from Cronin’s and get a rare good day:
      You don’t need any climbing experience, some hiking experience would help though. The battery on your phone can run out pretty quick if you’ve got the GPS on the whole time. You really should figure out how to navigate using map and compass (which isn’t hard) cos the visibility is very variable, and say you couldn’t descend the Devil’s Ladder cos of rain or whatever, you’d then need to be able to to find the entrance to the zig-zags to get out of dodge.

  4. Delta Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo

    Cheers guys, think we’ll need to get in better shape before we do this next time we’re home.

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