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Portuguese man o ‘war found on Fanore Beach, Co Clare

The Big Jellyfish Hunt writez on Facebook:

Over the weekend we have had very large numbers of Portuguese man o ‘war washing up. 100s reported washed up on many different beaches.

Observations are still mostly from the south coast (Cork and Kerry) but we have more activity along the west (Clare to Mayo) and a few reports from the southeast (Wexford).

Please continue to submit records on the National Biodiversity Data Centre jellyfish sightings page so we can track numbers. Many thanks.

Jellyfish can be recorded here

The Big Jellyfish Hunt

Risk of stinging: ‘Phenomenal’ numbers of deadly Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish wash up on beaches (Independent.ie)

Pics: Burren Shores

Ah here.

Via Nutmeg tees:

In true Nutmeg fashion we’ve gone above and beyond to create the new shirt.
Well we got up as far as an attic in Mastergeehy Co. Kerry and found the long forgotten shirts of 1982.  We felt they needed to be aired and given a new lease of life. We only made one small amendment to them. UP THE DUBS.


Joe Collins writes:

Nutmeg has been designing tees for nearly 20 years now and always with a twist.

The Lost Tee (Nutmeg)


This morning/afternoon

Via Radio Kerry:

It’s understood the allegations relate to the Killarney Electoral Area…

The allegations centre on the charge that a person gathered up forms for applications to the supplementary register of electors, got them signed by members of the public, and then may have had an individual Garda stamp them without being in the presence of the people the forms relate to.

Preliminary enquiries into allegations of interference with Kerry’s Supplementary Register of voters (Radio Kerry)

Pic: Rollingnews

Radio Kerry‘s Jerry O’Sullivan writes:

Like all journalists I have been told lots of stories over the years of polling card and voting  shenanigans on various election days in Kerry – this one seems to have more substance to it…

At the weekend in Ballybunion, Co Kerry.

The annual Women In Media event was held at Kilcooly’s Country House Hotel.

On Saturday, there was a panel discussion about homelessness involving journalist and political correspondent Justine McCarthy, of The Sunday Times; Fr Peter McVerry, of The Peter McVerry Trust; Junior Minister for Housing and Fine Gael TD Damien English; and Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan.

The discussion was chaired by Mary Dundon, Head of Journalism at the University of Limerick.

During the discussion, Ms McCarthy pointed out that when Opposition TDs raise homelessness in the Dáil and ask the Government to stop providing tax incentives to developers and land owners, Government ministers or TDs usually respond by way of one of three defences.

She said they either say the Government is doing a “great job” but the problem is just getting worse; Government TDs say they don’t have any ideology about homelessness – insinuating that the Opposition does; and they say the Opposition is being “too emotional”.

In regards to the first answer, Ms McCarthy said the homelessness problem has been highly visible on the streets of Dublin since 2011/2012; and as for the claim the Government has no ideology, Ms McCarthy said this is “stark, ravingly untrue”.

As for the claim the Opposition is “too emotional”, Ms McCarthy said:

“If you’re not emotional about homelessness, there’s something deeply wrong with you. Our homes are our sanctuary, they’re where we go for love and shelter and security.

“They’re places that are full of emotion and feeling.

“And the very idea of being without that refuge is horrific.”

She added:

“Mary Robinson says ‘there is a time to be disruptive’ and if we can’t be disruptive about homelessness, if people don’t go out and march and protest and shout – there is no hope for us.

“But I always think, as a journalist, the most reassuring thing in my career has been knowing that the vast major of people are good and the vast majority of people care.

“And we showed that in the last general election, actually. Homelessness was a huge issue on the doorsteps and I think it will be again this time.”

A national protest on homelessness will be taking place in Dublin on Saturday, May 18.


Ms McCarthy congratulates RTÉ’s Political Correspondent for RTÉ Current Affairs Katie Hannon after Ms Hannon was announced as the winner of the Mary Cummins Award for outstanding journalism.

Killarney photographer Valerie O’Sullivan (above middle) received the Joan Kennelly Award and Celine Crawford (above right) won the event’s social influencer award.

Pics: Women in Media Ballybunion (Facebook)

Kerry GAA footballer Kevin McCarthy


The court heard that McCarthy had not eaten on the day in question and that he had drank three or four cans of Carlsberg on the bus; five or six brandy and Baileys; and vodka and Red Bull.


The court heard that McCarthy headbutted and bit [security guard] Mr Zybura and also tried to kick him in the groin…


…he injured  garda, Garda Michael Dalton, who suffered a soft- tissue injury to his wrist and was unable to work for more than two months.


  Gda Coleman was also injured by McCarthy, who “bit him on the right hand, and left teeth-marks

Cage him!

Defence solicitor Padraig O’Connell said his client had never been in trouble with the law and was known for his sporting prowess.


Testimonials were handed in to court, including from Kilcummin GAA club, the Kerry County Board, and a former Killarney town councillor, Niall ‘Botty’ O’Callaghan…


Judge Waters convicted Mr McCarthy for all three assaults and fined him a total of €1,400.

Good times.

Kerry football star avoids prison after biting garda in drunk spree (Independent.ie)