It Could Be You



Ah now.

David Baxter writes:

On Facebook today… Former Fianna Fáil councillor David McGuinness clearly trying to boost his social media presence. Could be judged as tacky, cheap and desperate. …

YOU decide.

Cllr David McGuinness (Facebook)

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21 thoughts on “It Could Be You

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    What winnings? The draw hasn’t taken place yet!

    Is it thicker they’re gettin’?

  2. Carlos Combo

    He didn’t do the PLUS? Dealbreaker. Me no likey. Keep your NO Plus money, Dave.

  3. Mani

    No less transparent or desperate than, oh I dunno, proposing a cut to the USC in order to garner votes for a general election.

  4. Someone

    Someone should go out and buy a ticket with those exact numbers, that way, they’ll end up with a much larger share of the the jackpot.

    Or at least reply to his post with a picture of said ticket just to shove it in his face, cause the chances of anyone involved in this whole sordid affair of actually winning anything is very slim.

    1. Domestos

      Saw a local supermarket chain pulling this stunt already this week. 8,000 feckin shares no less.

  5. Mark Dennehy

    ANOTHER politician who doesn’t understand math, statistics, probability or legal terms & conditions!
    Odds of winning on that ticket: 23,306,360 to 1. Or 0.00000429%

    Thought it is nice to finally be able to put a number on the likelihood of a politician’s promise being worth worrying about…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m glad someone came up with the odds, thanks.
      It just proves how ridiculously desperate these political-wannabes are.

      1. Mark Dennehy

        And the odds are only that high because he bought several lines.
        The odds off one line are 116,531,800 to 1 (or 0.000000858%). And I had to use my computer’s calculator to work that out because my old leaving cert calculator literally cannot handle numbers that small.

        Nice to know that people who want to be put in charge of things like budgets and planning have such a grasp of the fundamentals…

    2. Frilly Keane

      Ye can swing the odds all ye like
      And torment me with all them decimal points
      But lemme tell ye sum’ting

      Tomorrow or maybe the next day
      Some lucky ‘ûnt will be swimming in chambers
      And I’m here suppin’ tay

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