4 thoughts on “The Littlest Avenger

  1. jeremy kyle

    haha! Christ they actually have to put Ironman on the poster, Antman is basically the “small print”.

    It might even be good, but I’m sick to death of comic movies.

  2. Eric T

    Absolute cack. They need to basically use the avengers to get you interested in it. This bubble is over-due bursting, but burst it will (not very soon, but “soon” in movie years). This will be an era people look back on in the future and say “remember when people were reeeeeeeeeally into superhero movies?…that was weird, wasn’t it?”.

    Don’t believe me? Think about the obsession with musicals that lasted a few decades early to mid century and then became the punchline to most hollywood jokes? Grand, had a quick revival for a few awkward recent years, but then went back to being a joke around the time that Timmy B decided to give it a whirl.

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