Too Pool For School



The vintage swimming pool at Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co Kildare (top).

The end of a well-attended chapel of the front crawl/back stroke for young and old alike.

Dan writes:

I felt I should make you aware of Maynooth University’s decision to close its much loved swimming pool. It’s the second oldest* pool in the country and is used by staff, students and hundreds of local children.
It’s also used by numerous swimming clubs including a special olympics swimming club. It will leave the 20,000+ plus population of maynooth and Kilcock without swimming facilities. Above was the letter sent this week informing people of the closure. But hey it doesn’t make money for the university! The new Starbucks does but not the pool and no room for one in the planned €150 million campus expansion. Perhaps your readers could help in some small way by giving the Facebook page [link below] some support.

Save Our Maynooth Pool (Facebook)

*the oldest anyone?

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27 thoughts on “Too Pool For School

  1. Rob_G

    I feel bad for anyone from Maynooth who enjoys swimming, but I can see where the university is coming from. Pools cost a fortune to heat, the university can hardly be expected to subsidise everyone else. The relevant CoCo should be responsible for providing sports facilities, not the NUI.

  2. blah

    Maynooth has two swimming pools in the nearby Glenroyal Sports Centre.
    Also the university’s planned expansion includes a new pool.

    1. DazzaMazza

      Does the new campus plan include a pool?

      Anyway the two pools you refer to in the sports centre. They are private gym pools. Sure you can pay in but its pretty damn expensive for a swim and not the place that low income families could avail of. I get your point but pools should be a public facility and this is as near to a public pool as Maynooth has.

    1. jojo

      No they shouldnt, they would be better spending money on roads, parks you know public infrastructure. Not something that can be provided privately at most hotels.

      1. DazzaMazza

        So pools are not public infrastructure. Following your argument they shouldn’t provide pitches, courts, skate parks etc. Why take a pool out of the equation?

  3. doncolleone

    why are there no privately run indoor swimming pools ? Big demand, private pool, something, profit?

  4. Nugget

    might only be the second oldest but it had the best showers in Ireland back in the day.

  5. Blublu

    People protesting that tax money should be spent on a swimming pool rather than their own… Are they absolutely effin made?!

  6. Paolo

    Seems like nobody really wants a pool or, at least, not enough people are willing to fund it. I want a 200 foot fake cliff for my new cliff diving hobby. I promise I’ll go along every week and try to get my friends to go too. Will you get all of your other patrons to fund it for me or divert funds away from other activities that are in demand?

  7. swoon

    I almost died in that pool.But luckily and instinctively,grabbed a nearby swimmers bikini top and pulled myself (could have chosen a different phrase but alas) to safety.Very Scary moment (for me).

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