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Fiona O’Malley writes:

If you liked RTÉ’s Centenary [Easter Rising concert], you’ll love Maynooth University Chamber Choir performing Raglan Road. It’s simply stunning. Performed in the University of Arizona. The Soloist is called Francis Flood and the conductor is Michael Dawson.

In fairness:

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The vintage swimming pool at Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co Kildare (top).

The end of a well-attended chapel of the front crawl/back stroke for young and old alike.

Dan writes:

I felt I should make you aware of Maynooth University’s decision to close its much loved swimming pool. It’s the second oldest* pool in the country and is used by staff, students and hundreds of local children.
It’s also used by numerous swimming clubs including a special olympics swimming club. It will leave the 20,000+ plus population of maynooth and Kilcock without swimming facilities. Above was the letter sent this week informing people of the closure. But hey it doesn’t make money for the university! The new Starbucks does but not the pool and no room for one in the planned €150 million campus expansion. Perhaps your readers could help in some small way by giving the Facebook page [link below] some support.

Save Our Maynooth Pool (Facebook)

*the oldest anyone?