Web Slinging




Denis O’Brien and his often tangled web of influence.

In interactive form [see link below]

Come into his parlour.

Pat writes:

Irish Water, Denis O’Brien, Siteserv, GMC. Find it all here illustrated. You can Zoom in and out, click on the elements and discover more content in their description. Each connection (as much as possible ) contains information on the nature of the link to the element it is connected to. For any query please reach out on twitter to @beyourownreason

A Tangled Web: Irish Water, Denis O’Brien and Siteserv (BeYourOwnReason)

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8 thoughts on “Web Slinging

  1. Sinabhfuil

    And Gleann na Smól, favourite hunting spot of the Fianna, and secret walk for Dubliners, which South Dublin Council is planning to hand over to Irish Water.

  2. TruthFinder

    I wonder if you researched further around the various power brokers in Irish society, how much of a galaxy of interlocking and cross connecting would turn up. Fantastic graphic which illustrates the reach and power of just one individual within our society.

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