‘When I Got Back, I Found The Lock On The Ground’


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Peter writes…

“My bike was stolen from outside Odessa [Dame Court, Dublin] last night. An old Gary Fisher (Aguila – 1996 model), it’s not worth very much but it has a lot of sentimental value. I’ve taken this bike on tours around the Baltic Sea, up to North Cape, to France, to Spain, to Portugal and all over Ireland.

“I locked it outside the Odessa bar  for about two hours last night (from 8.30pm until 10.30pm) and when I got back I found the lock on the ground.”

Meanwhile, this morning…

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Giustina Mizzoni writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this… But my lovely bike was stolen from a car park at the back of the CHQ building, Custom House Quay between 9.10am and 9.45am this morning. It’s worthless but I love it after bringing it home from London where I originally bought it :( “



33 thoughts on “‘When I Got Back, I Found The Lock On The Ground’

  1. Ray

    It’s crazy how many people I know have had bikes stolen. In the shortest spaces of times also.

    It might seem like a small loss to most folks but to the owners it’s just like looking a car. It’s a proper scourge on the city.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    I brought my *new* bike into town over the weekend… I must admit, even with two locks, I was like a paranoid wreck trying to find somewhere within eyeshot to lock it so I could enjoy a coffee in the sun…. bicycle stealing pricks are ruining it for us all :(

    Hope you get yours back !

    1. Ray

      I wonder if there is any Facebook/Twitter group in Dublin where folk can alert their bike stolen?

      Post pic, where taken from and ask for help?

  3. Digs

    Taking liberty with the term “sentimental”. If you did those trips on your dead fathers bike it might be “sentimental”. Hope you get it back though. If you don’t you’ll pick up something similar in the buy and sell for tuppence halfpenny.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Better locks don’t prevent theft, they just delay how long it takes top break ’em…. and that’s up to about only a 5min delay for even the most expensive locks.

  4. Kolmo

    Shitty situation regarding thieving in Dublin. Stand on Mayor St long enough and you’ll lot’s of expensive bikes being cycled by those whom the cycle-to-work scheme does not apply.

  5. phil

    Seems clear we understand that lots of bikes get stolen, and we are not at all impressed by or would have any sympathy for the perpetrators excuses whatever they might be…

    One thing I have never heard discussed is what happens to these bikes after they are stolen ? Where do they end up?

  6. JunkFace

    The safest place to lock a bike is outside a Garda Station, I’ve never had one nicked from there yet.

    1. ahyeah

      Or alternatively my granny’s kitchen – my bike has never once been stolen from there.

  7. David

    Apart from better locks, adding cover for bike loss anywhere to your household insurance isn’t very dear. I appreciate not everyone has household insurance or money to spare but it’s another option.

    Don’t forget to take a photo of your bike and its serial number.

    1. Joxer

      you got it back? give us the details please. did you ahve to apy for it? or did you just go in and say thats my bike gimme it back…. did the person there say where they go it? have you notified the Garda that you got it back from there?

    2. Ray

      Dodge place? Please name.
      If you got it back from them, they obviously bought a stolen bike. How did you retrieve it?
      Did they pay for it? Does the person who sold it to them have an account?

    3. Conor

      What?! That place is still going??? What an absolute joke, every dog on the street knows about that place yet the Guards haven’t shut it down or arrested anyone yet??
      Joke of a city and a joke a system.

      PS well done on getting it back!

  8. Joxer

    i had this drop into my mailbox earlier today….seems apposite to post it here for anyone with then skills they are looking for

    Will you join our Bike Theft Working Groups?
    We emailed you in May to tell you about our Bike Theft survey results. This survey highlighted the huge issue of bicycle theft in Dublin. As a result Dublin Cycling Campaign has now got agreement through Dublin City Council to run a project with the Gardaí, NTA, City Council Planners, City Councillors, bike shops and Web sites to tackle bike theft. The first step has been to set up four working groups. The approach is based on the successful bike theft projects in London & Amsterdam.

    We now have a structure in place to effect change, but we need your help to make sure that happens!

    These are the working groups with examples of the type of work in each group.

    Retailers: (Bike shops, web sites, Gardai & Cycling Campaign):
    This group is working with bike shops & web sites to agree codes of practice, and a bike lock exchange programme

    Communications: (NTA, Gardai & Cycling Campaign):
    This group is working on how to get message across to cyclists on locks, recording bike details, importance of reporting theft,…

    Planning: (Council Planners, Gardai, Inst. of Architects, Apartment owners groups):
    This group is looking at bike parking infrastructure (Street, apartment blocks, colleges, train stations ..).

    Bike Registration: (NTA, Gardai, Cycling Campaign):
    This group is researching registration options & issues (data protection, cost, ease of use).

    Do you have PR, communications, social media, graphic design or general coordination skills and a couple of hours to spare each week? If so can you reply to this mail indicating which area you might be interested in. We`ll then be in touch with those interested to plan next steps.

    David Timoney
    Bike Theft Group
    Dublin Cycling Campaign

  9. Peter

    It didn’t cost me. I gave the owner a piece of my mind and the Gardai Siochana arrived and did the rest. They handled it very well and it will likely proceed to something further as a result of how it played out.

  10. Peter

    The place is just beside Cineworld, on the left of it. They have a Facebook page. I’m a bit cautious about details since the whole thing ended with a pretty physical arrest.

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