New Starting Pint



The Pint pub on Dublin’s Eden Quay, which closed down last month

Nialler9 writes:

“The news that The Pint, the Eden Quay venue was closing down, now has a happier ending and a potential new beginning with the announcement that The Wiley Fox is to take its place from this Thursday.”

“The Wiley Fox is a bar and live music venue in the same space as The Pint which has been renovated and consists of the ground floor bar, 220-capacity Ballroom with new soundsystem, and the outdoor roof Terrace area with DJ area and a Function One sound system.”

“The bar serves craft beer, wine and cocktails with a Pieminister stand open all day. Co-owner Paddy Scully said of the venue – “We wanna bring something new to this part of the city, creating something unexpected”.”

The Pint is reopening under new owners as The Wiley Fox (Nialler9)

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17 thoughts on “New Starting Pint

  1. rotide

    “Creating something unexpected”

    Craft Beer, DJ area, hipster food.

    Mission Accomplished.

    1. jojo

      €2.50 of the price of a pint is tax, not to mention pubs must pay thousands a year for a late license which lets them serve drinks for an extra 2 hours.

      Email your local TD and councillor to let them know your annoyance

  2. MW7

    It’s about the location though & that’s why it hasn’t succeeded before.

    That hasn’t changed so it’s more than likely going to be the same end result.

    I’d be more than happy to eat my works.

  3. All Corrs are Lizards

    craft jesus beer, the sooner that sh1te is gone and we and back to brain damaging ourselves with harp or what not and not trying to pretend we have actual taste buds the better

  4. Mr. T.

    So are they actually new owners or just the same people trying to save themselves paying a few invoices?

  5. Tarfton Clax

    Hope they still have the Metal bands playing there though. One of a very few places in Dublin you can see Romanian Blackened Folk Death Metal bands like Negura Bunget. Hail!

  6. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Crap bar but the when they have a good Dj, the terrace area is a birra craic.

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