No One Left To Sue



Denis O’Brien

In court today, Mr Cush said the proceedings are against the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission, Ireland and the Attorney General and his side wants declarations in relation to matters mentioned in the context of Mr [Denis] O’Brien’s other proceedings against RTÉ, brought over a planned broadcast concerning Mr O’Brien’s personal banking affairs with IBRC.

It is also understood he will argue that permitting the utterance to be made amounts to breach of his rights under the Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights.

Denis O’Brien begins legal action against Houses of the Oireachtas Commission and State (

Denis O’Brien brings case over Dáil comments about banking affairs (Irish Times)

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45 thoughts on “No One Left To Sue

    1. Odis

      He’s fighting for Human Rights and the Constitution against a government that just doesn’t seem to care. And all you can do is criticize?

      1. dereviled

        I never thought about it like that Odis.
        *checks colour of sky, direction of gravity etc.

        1. Odis

          I’m truly glad you’ve finally wakened up to what is really happening here Deliverance Country.
          It’s not about his rights. Its about all of our rights.

          1. Odis

            Isn’t Bruce Wayne, the thinking mans billionaire philanthropist of fiction ?
            Yet typically our Irish begrudrery, doesn’t allow us to recognise, the actions of one private individual, for the good of the many.

  1. Atticus

    He’s obviously playing the long game here. Just making sure that people think twice about saying anything about him in public.

  2. gallantman

    Fair play. He’s all about wealth generation-they’ll be unveiling a statue of him in the Law Library any day now.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Our cowardly government are his mates, They will not stand upto him. The government of any country can make your life hell(not that that’s a good thing) but in this case it would be. It would be very easy for judges, not to be made but swayed by government to tell him in legal terms to go Fudge him self.

  4. Ms Piggy

    So he’s basically suing the entire country, symbolically? Marvellous. If he loses, will he leave for good?

    1. ahjayzis

      If he wins we all get conscripted as call centre workers for Digicel and Irish Water.

        1. Jon

          apart from putting all their water meters in for them, of course.

          now watch what o’brien does in five or six years’ time when the water supply gets privatised.

          1. ReproBertie

            Hey Jon, while you’re gazing into you crystal ball what’s going to happen in the RWC? Will we finally beat Bloody New Zealand?

        2. ahjayzis

          I meant Siteserv!

          But Irish Water shovels millions in his direction – that means he has something to do with it.

    2. Joe the Lion

      No just the useless duffers in the Dáil

      they really are generally an appalling disgrace in there, irrespective of the facts in this case

    3. Joe the Lion

      not being facetious

      but the Oireachtas is just one of the pillars of the government of your nation

      the judiciary and the executive are the other two and it seems they’re not too happy with the other lads ATM ;)

  5. Anne

    He wants declarations does he?

    I’d have no problem with his banking affairs being kept confidential, if the owners of the bank were not the state in this case. Surely the owners of the bank have a right to know of the transactions within the bank it owns, and that’s why we’re having an inquiry of certain transactions at IRBC, of which Denis O’Brien will be a subject of?

    There’s something rotten in the state of denmark here.. if there’s supposed to be an inquiry, but he’s still trying his best to silence everyone.

  6. phil

    Delighted he is doing this, your move state authorities , I suspect some dusty files from the Moriarty may be dug up ….

  7. nellyb

    I don’t think DoB is interested in compensation or change of rules or whatever. But he might be interested in belittling and humiliating politicians and the great unwashed in the processes. Show us our place in the food chain type of thing.

  8. Sadface

    Maybe Revenue could do a surprise Audit on ,oh i duuno…every interest he has in the state?
    Just for the laugh mind.

  9. rotide

    This is baffling. He’s obviously not a stupid man, what can he possibly gain from this?

    1. Joe the Lion

      An awful lot rotide. With respect to the loolas like Bernard Durkan who impale themselves for the good of the team, there is no point having useful idiots like that going to bat if this is not backed up with actual threats

  10. D is illusioned

    Trying to dictate the business of the Oireachtas again. We the tax payers are entitled to know what is discussed there. Time to boycott everything DOB. What excuse will Edna & Joan have for their silence this time.

  11. Niallo

    Listen to yourselves, yak yak yak, not a bit of wonder were rid six ways from sunday.
    Some brief facts
    Enquiry into state (our) bank giving preferential loan rates when full disclosure and due diligence should be applied, is attempted to be quashed.
    The politicians of the day attempt to highlight this, he moves to sue the oireachtas, not the politicians mind !
    The house is not fg, ff or anyone else. The house is the civil service aparatus for governing the country and by extension is the state, or us if you like. and by extension our bank is also us.
    So in essence this guy wants everything his way and he wants to bully the civil service through the judiciary to stfu and not question him or his actions, this guy has way too much power and must be stopped at every turn.
    Sometimes it is necessary to suspend rights for the greater good.
    With any luck he’ll be “robert maxwell’d” some day soon, not that i personally wish him any ill will, sir, your majesty…

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