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  1. Paolo

    Ok, where to start.

    The quality of life in South Africa is far far below that of anywhere in Europe.
    The quality of life in Libya is not comparable to that of any westernised democracy
    The quality of life in Saudi is great if you are a Saudi male

    These data are, at best, incomplete but, more likely, total rubbish.

    1. bubbleandsqueak

      USA being higher than Luxembourg is crazy stuff – worked for the same company in Luxembourg and the USA and the standard of living in Luxembourg is far far higher.

      What was funny/tragic was seeing the extremely well paid American staff over there on placement taking advantage of Luxembourg medical system to have operations/procedures that they would have to pay thousands of dollars for back home.

      That’s before the increase in vacation days – some folk went from 5 vacation days in the US to 28 in Luxembourg working for the same company (that’s before public holidays) – imagine what that does to the someone’s quality of life.

      Normally i’d say the data with always trump anecdotal evidence but in this case I would have severe doubts about the data and ranking methods used based on my experience.

  2. Peadar

    Saudi Arabia. Huge quality of life. Unless you’re gay, atheist, Jewish, a blogger, or a woman.

  3. IndifferentCircumstances

    Cuba!! Number 1 for Lowest Quality of Life?

    Cuba with near universal healthcare and exceptional literacy rates?

    Worse than countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the medieval Middle East.

    Methinks this is a US study. Nasty Cuba not adopting American mores.

    1. Starina

      Yep, I’m very suspicious of this study. what are their criteria for rating quality of life??

      I wouldn’t call the MIddle East medieval but this study is incredibly suspect

    2. Odis

      I was thinking that. Maybe its time too finally liberate Cuba from the perverted and disgusting regime that’s made it the number one hell hole in the world. For freedom and democracy like.

  4. bored with morons

    Cuba worse than Syria where there’s a civil war raging?

    I smell bullshit….

  5. Omar Sarhan

    Organisations love their quality of life maps!

    I’ll spare a rant but it’s so dang subjective. I bet ISIS have a map too, saying Iraq and Syria are pretty wonderful places.

  6. Eric T

    I’m gathering from the comments here that nobody actually read the notes on how the data was calculated, analysed and their take on what were the important factors? No?

    None of you noted the * beside the names of countries mentioned in your outraged posts (Syria, Iraq, etc.) and wonder what it indicated? Here, I went to the trouble of clicking on the link – “Please note the countries marked with * sign have low data reliability.”

    What about this paragraph at the end of the relatively comprehensive explanation of the data compilation?:

    “Quality of life index is an important indicator that you can use to guide your decision when moving abroad, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s merely that, an index. There’s more to quality of life than a collection of numbers. Some of the factors are very subjective and surely all of them have a different degree of importance across the world and for each person in particular.

    Do you agree with this or do you think something else should’ve been included in the study? Share it with us, we’d like to know.”

    Or what about this:

    “There’s quite a few results that are at the very least surprising, like for instance Saudi Arabia being ranked 6th and Oman – 7th in the world by quality of life, well above the US, Canada, Australia and UAE. However, if you dig deeper into the factors that are considered in the index, things become clearer.”

    You all should try reading the background data and methodology of indexes like this before just commenting with righteous indignation and insinuating conspiracy theories about what you see from the pretty colours. It literally takes about 3 extra minutes and will answer most of your questions.

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