I Love You Dad



Gentlemen’s tea.

At the Morrison Hotel, Dublin.

Bond with the old man over some chutney.

Karen writes:

Experimental Head Chef Sushil Kumar has created a tasty Gentlemen’s Tea in The Morrison Hotel that will have stomachs rumbling at the menu offering.

Instead of petite egg and cress sandwiches delicately cut, think smoked rasher and hearty cheese with apple chutney. Instead of intricate cakes and clotted cream think paprika chips and instead of a cup of breakfast tea, The Gentlemen’s Tea is served with a pint of Wicklow Wolf beer.

With Father’s Day just around the corner too, you and your Dad can kick back while enjoying some quality time together sampling Dublin’s first Gentleman’s Tea with a twist!

For just €23 per person you can sample tastes of sumptuous steak sandwiches with whiskey chocolate salted caramel treats to finish.

To celebrate we have TWO teas for two readers to bring their dads to gentlemen’s tea at the Morrison Hotel, to giveaway.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘My father_______is a gentleman largely because___________’

Lines MUST close at 4.15pm 5.15pm 6.15pm

If you are currently estranged from your father or he has passed away or you do not know who your father is or you do know who he is but he is the subject of a barring order obtained by your family please feel free to nominate an alternative father ‘figure’.

Morrison Hotel

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50 thoughts on “I Love You Dad

  1. scottser

    my father jimmy is a gentleman, largely because of his whiskey nose, his monocle and his all-too-willingness to ‘release the hounds’ when undesirables call to the door.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    Men like booze and meat, ladiezzz like shoes and pink and putting on makeup. Never the twain shall meet!

  3. Drogg

    My father is a d**k largely because he fupped off before i was born and it will be a cold day in hell before i share a beer or amazing piece of rasher with that c**t.

      1. Drogg

        Would love to fluffy but i will be entertaining my own kids by making them breakfast in bed before i cut the grass.

    1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      I nominate this Dad as a winner for not repeating the sins of the past.

      It’s easy to go “wah, my Dad dumped on me so I have a card blanche to behave how they like as they view their past hardships as a good excuse to be total d***s too’

      Look at him with spoiling his kids and then cutting the grass. Total example…. Give him the prize to enjoy with his kids.

  4. Sam Hickey

    My Father Gerry is a Gentleman because he gives compliments sincerely and often and treats my mum like a Queen.

  5. Odis

    You know – I still go in for the proper tea thing – screw your paprika chips and the like m8

  6. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    My father Dave is a gentleman largely because he would forgive me for not telling him I won this prize and brought my missus instead.

  7. Alison Kelly

    I would like to enter your daddy’s day completion on behalf of my 2 little boys, Lughán (7) & Fionn (2) as they are not so good on the email!

    My father Colm is a gentleman because when our Mummy was sick, in and out of hospital for the past year, he took her place and every day he made us brekkie, dressed us in clothes that never matched, brought us to school(always on time!) tickled us, told us bedtime stories and gave us never ending hugs and cuddles! He sent our mummy pictures of us every day to make her smile and we think he’s the best Daddy in the world!

    We think he deserves a treat!
    From Lughán & Fionn, the sons of a very gentle man

        1. scottser

          yeah, this guy. if my oul lad won it, he’d just pinch the @rses off the female staff and gesticulate loudly that he’s being served by a foreigner. probably for the best, in fairness.

  8. collynomial

    My father Bill is a gentleman largely because he has done his best to do his best in raising five children with my mother. He has taught me to be respectful to others and to confident enough to express my views and personality. He has bestowed in me a thirst for knowledge and a desire to teach. He knew when to push me to higher heights and to support me when I pushed myself to far. He has a sense of humour and decorum and he’s never let me or my family down.

      1. collynomial

        Ah now. The opportunity comes for me express my appreciation for a man who means so much to me and you take the opportunity to not only mock me but also to slander him. Poor form, there is no reason for it. You do yourself a great disservice by behaving like that.

  9. dubdec99

    My father, Noel, is a gentleman largely due to his upbringing and I hope my young son can say the same about me someday

  10. SiJu Cat

    ‘My father Peter is a gentleman largely because of 6 years of Swiss finishing school, 4 years of modern tap and 3 years of modern dance. Really though he joined the army as a private when he was 16 and made it all the way to Captain. He served in Lebanon twice and was totally not a hard ass at home. I always siad if I turn out half as good as my Da I’ll be doing well. The least I can do is win a competition to win him some food rahter than post unwanted gold balls to him again.

  11. MrGavoB

    My father Quentin is a gentleman largely because he had enough sense not to curse me with the name Quentin Jnr.

  12. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    My father Mr. Kretschmar-Schuldorff is a gentleman largely because I will be beaten only lightly if we do not win.

  13. bpmelv35

    My father Eddie is a gentleman largely because he don’t drink coffee, he drinks beer, my dear, with chips and rasher as a side, you can hear it in his accent when he talks, he’s a Mayoman who likes pork.

  14. Daithí

    My father Pat is a gentleman largely because he’s been buying me monthly lunches for the last 4 years and won’t hear of me paying and just once, I’d like to return the favour.

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