And Where Would You Be Exactly?



Rob writes:

New Irish water customer care site responds to everyone by asking their name number and address.. So they can register them without their permission. A sneaky trick slippin’ under the radar it seems.



46 thoughts on “And Where Would You Be Exactly?

  1. Joan Burton

    That is so sneaky Rob, imagine looking for an address for someone who has contacted the helpline.

    Shocking stuff, to the Dail , with pitchforks !

  2. Martin Heavy-Guy

    I guess the point is that Irish Water control our supply, whether or not we are still involved in political action against them, so you can’t register a complaint any more without giving them your details. Maybe not sneaky, but very Catch-22.

    1. ReproBertie

      How do you imagine they could respond to or follow up on a complaint if they don’t know who is complaining and where the complaint is about?

    2. smoothlikemurphys

      “so you can’t register a complaint any more ”

      1) Twitter is not the only (or dare I say the best?) way to register a complaint.
      2) Why would you want to interact with IW unless you were already signed up to them.

      1. Mister Mister

        I actually found it quite good to deal with them via twitter when there was a leak on the street.

      2. Martin Heavy-Guy

        I wasn’t trying to stir the pot, I was just responding to the above comments that didn’t understand what the problem was. I hold no strong opinion one way or another.

      1. Jimmee

        The time and effort some of these people put in to protesting, they’d be much better off if they paid Irish Water and used that time more productively like taking on more work or further educating themselves.

        1. Atticus

          And in a couple of years time when the yearly charge has increased by multiples sure they can go and get multiples of jobs!

        2. Jean

          I work, educational level = Masters in computer science I have a family. And I have no problem with paying for water to a state body. In fact I already pay for water through road tax etc. And I am a protester against Irish water which is a semi private company that can be sold and privatised with only signature of two government Ministers. So how about you open your young deluded eyes and actually put something before your own personal needs. Hate to brake it to you the world doesn’t revolve around you

          1. Mister Mister

            With your masters you think you’d realise that there’s no such thing as road tax. And even if it did exist, it still wouldn’t cover the costs of the states daily outgoings.

        3. michael

          Ah go on Jimmy you’re a laugh a minute Ha Ha and one more ha Ah sure your a right hard man Jimmy, ever think of talking up comedy full time Jim?? Yeah thought not!

  3. Rob

    Take off your tinfoil hats.
    Go read what timtim187 and jgabutler asked – these are things that likely need more info to resolve. The customers initiated the conversation and they can take it as far as they feel comfortable.
    Scanning the IW twitter they do not ask everyone for the same details.

    1. Joan Burton

      ‘Scanning’ …………….Jesus wept……. too lazy to even research his own indignation properly

  4. Cian

    I’d be rather surprised if Irish Water could fix a problem with your supply without knowing where it is, for starters.

    1. Declan

      Seriously, I hope this is meant to be click bate, though I feel sorry for the admin that the comment storm didn’t happen.

      But just to help it along: fluroide, NWO, Young FG, Shinners, Mary Lou, Bronzer, Catholic Church, AAA, Paul Murphy iS the Anti-Christ, Paul Murphy cares about people – FIGHT

  5. Miko

    Dumb post is dumb. In any case there is no suggestion they are registering you. That said, I can’t understand why IW should help people who refuse to pay for the service…

  6. Vote Rep #1

    Has Rob ever dealt with a utility company before? If he rings up ESB about his electric, is he just as shocked when they ask him for his details also? What sort of sheltered lives do people live?

  7. 15 cents

    lots of people are saying that the details are needed to answer complaints, but not your name address and phone number… over twitter .. and if you look at who theyre asking, its literally everyone commenting on the page.

    1. neil

      That’s just simply not true. Out of 28 @ mentions from the page today, 8 ask for those details, the other 20 do not.

  8. Oh hi!

    “Irish Water, I have a problem with my water”
    “Where are you so we can see if there’s an issue”
    “Not telling you that, just fix it. All of it. Also, I’m not going to pay you to do it”

  9. Dec

    Lots of IW shills/trolls on here…is this where they usually hang out? Just asking for future reference, like…

  10. Cece

    I notified IW about a leak in my village, I gave the name and county of said village and they still wanted my details (which I told them they were not getting ) ! Also we do and have paid for water through u.s.c , income tax p.r.s.i and motor tax oh and not to mention where I am the water isn’t consumable so I also buy bottles of water ! So tell me again why I should pay IW ?

    1. Mikeyfex

      So that they may get to improving the system infrastructure, free up the money that was previously diverted from the other sources you mention, and encourage more economic use of a resource that, as you well know, needs a bit of treatment before being consumable and is therefore not free to provide nor infinite?

      Put it like this. Of bloody course we’ve had to pay for it all along, why is that a surprise? We didn’t separate and drift from North Africa with pipelines laid. So what if it’s come from 3 sources? If all these people knew – before Irish Water was even a glint in John Tierney’s eye – that the government has had to take from three other incomes to manage the water service they’d be same ones crying about not having one dedicated payment.

      If, down the road, it emerges that no work has been done to improve the water infrastructure and they’re still syphoning money from motor tax etc., then we protest. Who has a better plan? Any silver bullet out there?

  11. cece

    I suppose you would have no problem in paying three /four times for your electricity,gas/oil etc ?? Well for some being able to squander money away but thats up to you what you want to do with your money. Some people would choose to invest or save and then there are some who dont have the luxury of either they choose to either feed their families or pay a bill !

    1. Mikeyfex

      Didn’t say I wanted to pay three or four times for it. I take it you don’t either. Isn’t it well we’re getting a single payment set up then, which should free up the money that was previously diverted into paying for the service.

  12. cece

    Amazing how they only have problems with the infrastructure is when they are looking for an official way of payment . Dont think for a minute they would free up any of the other sources it will always be used somewhere else its not officially intended for. Obviously they have a long way before treatment is sorted as they shouldnt be using some if not all the chemicals they currently are . I never said i was suprised that we have been paying all along i merely stated the many different ways in which we do and that i was asking why should i pay again and again for something i am already paying for and not getting my monies worth as it is!? I dont think that water should be free ,nothing is someone somewhere down the line has to pay somehow. But i do believe that if i pay for something i should be able to use it for its intended use and get my monies worth not pay over and over again for substandard. So instead of prevention we should all bend over like good little sheep and let them do to us what they have been for years and if down the line they dont come good on their promise we protest!? That is just like doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! By acting now we are saying enough is enough! We are tired of broken promises and having to get over it! There is only so much a person can take and it seems alot of people have had their fill too and are finally standing up for themselves!

    1. Mikeyfex

      Yes you should absolutely not have to pay for the substandard, that’s undoubtedly infuriating. Nobody knows now how it will work out but the introduction of body seems like progress to me. It’s not exactly been admirably run to date, granted, but what’s the end game of the protests? Don’t pay and then what? Back to searching in other purses? Anyway, I don’t normally comment on these subjects and it’s Friday evening so I’ll agree to have you disagree with me.

  13. ronnie coogan

    its not just water its all the taxes we are being forced to pay out usi. prsi. income tax. household tax. bin charges.vat.extra taxes on cigarettes ,petrol, travel ,motor tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, planning permission,nct, doe,drivers license,passport,
    tv license,vrt, import duty,environment levy on gas ,electricity, solid fuel,recycling charge on electrical goods,pso levy,charges to erect a headstone,hospital charges,prescription charge,fire brigade charges,stamp duty,credit card atm card ,check book charges,collage fees,school fees,insurance levy,pension levy,the 10% reduction in my wages ,most of which were introduced or changed in the last five years so we can pay off the loan the government got to bail out the banks . You and me did no get that loan out in our names I still have to pay my morgage my bills my food my clothes ect with out any bail out for me .82% of every euro we earn goes on taxes and Leveys……….so that is why i wont pay anymore

  14. ronnie coogan

    Dear Irish Water & Denis O’Brien

    I have in my possession an email from your customer service office which clearly states that Irish Water are responsible for providing water throughout Ireland. After recent communications with governing bodies around the world including the United Nations I was told that Irish Water do not own the waters of Ireland and are only responsible for the water services of Ireland, meaning therefore that Irish Water are “at your service” if you cannot afford drinking water. It was also clearly outlined to me that under international law and keeping in sync with the UN charter of human rights that if anyone cannot afford water that the governing body of that nation must and are responsible for and must provide free clean drinking water and access to free clean sanitation.

    In recent studies with the Cork Integrative Health Community which I am part of we uncovered a major issue that homeless people in Cork have no access to public drinking water where dehydration is a major concern. In the words of the United Nations “severe chronic dehydration can lead to death”.

    Recent communication with Irish Water suggests that Irish Water recognize that they are fully responsible for providing clean drinking water access to people across Ireland but they choose not to act upon this commercial responsibility which is protected by International Law and the UN charter of human rights.

    Until Irish Water acts on its position of responsibility, Irish Water are therefore fully open to prosecution from everyone in Ireland who cannot afford water, and as the homeless community right across Ireland currently have no free public access to drinking water where the UN have clearly outlined that “dehydration can lead to death”. If a severe lack of water access can lead to death, it can also lead to charger of Involuntary Manslaughter against Irish Water.

    Dear Denis O’Brien, I have been studying Corporate Law for a long time now because of rogue business men like you. I would like to remind you that without consent or a valid contract that a “Bill” does not exist. Making all those letters Irish Water sent to houses right across Ireland “ONLY” corporate property of Irish Water as no lawfully binding contract exists. As we have enough stuff to be dealing with in our homes we need to think logically and environmentally and we the people of Ireland will be now charging Irish Water storage and handling fees for all the unwanted commercial property Irish Water are posting to Irish houses. So as a environmental household policy Irish households will be now charging you 100 euro a month each. Each household which sends you a “Bill” for 100 euro a month will enter into a Trust. Which will immediately put Irish water into massive debt to this national trust of Irish people.

    As a nation there are many things we can do at this point, like turn this debt into a bond and trade it on the stock market. Or we could sell shares in it where instead of giving Irish water any money we could sell shares and open it up globally to allow everyone on planet earth to become a share holder in a commercial legal case action where the entire world gets to celebrate Irish Water going bankrupt and every shareholder in Irish water receiving criminal charges and all there assets being removed from them under international law.

    The only way for Irish Water to legally get out of this situation is to send every Irish household confirmation that Irish Water have no commercial contract or agreement with you to null and void the amount of money that they will owe to the people of Ireland’s national trust.

    Yours laughing my ass off at how stupid a business man you are

    Gerard Banks

    1. Joe the Lion

      You must be one of the dumbest fupping numptys who ever posted here and that’s saying something.

      Your argument goes as follows:

      IW have no contract with GB
      GB does not owe IW’s invoice
      IW’s invoice is corporate property in storage at GB’s house
      GB will invoice IW for storage
      But wait a minute – IW have no contract with GB?

      Oh man the law is so conFUSING
      I think I need a drink of water

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