Have You Spare Toiletries?



The Riverbank centre at 13 Merchants Quay (top)

A hot meal.

A fresh start.

John writes:

Merchants Quay Ireland is a beacon of hope for people who are homeless and struggling with addiction. Our Riverbank Centre on Merchants Quay offers a wide variety of services including meals, hot showers, clean clothes, and medical and mental health care.

Last year homeless men and women came to us for over 4,000 hot showers. This year we opened the Night Café, meaning our doors are now open nearly 24 hrs a day. As a result, we are in desperate need of the following hygiene products:

Soap/Shower gel
Tooth brushes
Female hygiene products

If you can help… please call us (Aislinn or Martina) at 01 524 0139 or drop them in to us at Merchants Court, 24 Merchants Quay. Thank you.

Merchants Quay

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16 thoughts on “Have You Spare Toiletries?

  1. karl gannon

    Merchants quay should be shut down and moved out of the city centre. The junkies shoot up heroin on the steps of the churches and in public parks behind it. This area is a major tourist destination and has lots of offices. No tourist nor family should have to watch a junkie shoot heroin into their arms or groin as I have. I work in the area and it is an absolute shame on the city

    *Sits back and waits for angry comments from bleeding heart liberal who wouldn’t know where Merchants Quay is on a map and wouldn’t let their family walk anywhere near it *

    1. Dubloony

      Perhaps they could arrange a safe room on their own premises for this activity.
      It would avoid the whole shooting up in public, leaving syringes lying around scenario.

    2. scottser

      you’re right, up to a point but for largely the wrong reasons. drug treatment services were historically located in the city due to demand – a ‘mountain to mohammad’ sort of thinking. now, given the concentration of services there, people are made to travel from all over dublin, wicklow, kildare and louth to those services because of limited resources available in their own areas. the same is true of homeless services which many of these service users reside in – there are few local services provided for them locally so they have little choice but to use the city.
      also, MQI and trinity court deal with a large percentage of service users who are excluded or can’t get onto their local satellite clinic. it’s a bit of a mess granted, but to me it just highlights a need to have safe injection rooms.

    3. graven

      As well as offices and tourist sites, It’s also a densely populated resident area. Negotiating that stretch was fraught at particular times in the mornings and early evenings, but with the night cafe it’s into the night now. It’s a scary proposition getting by there.

    1. pedeyw

      Yeah, I can’t see any way in which internment based on suspicions could go wrong or be abused.

      1. St. John Smythe

        Let’s cut to the chase, and just intern anyone in a tracksuit who can’t prove that they are on their way to or from a sport-meet or the gym

  2. Right you are

    The infestation of junkies in the city centre has got worse and no amount of clean showers and sandwiches are going to help. Merely fuelling them for more antisocial behaviour. Unless they want to quit they’re not going to change.

    1. newsjustin

      Methadone is legal. Are you suggesting that this has solved addiction problems and anti-social behaviour.

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