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Homelessness and addiction in Dublin.

Tom Sheppard writes:

I work for Merchants Quay Ireland, the homeless and addiction charity. As everyone knows, there’s a major housing and homeless crisis going on.

What is less discussed is how homelessness is drawing people into addiction and often keeping them there.

We’ve produced this short film (above) to try and deepen people’s understanding of these issues.

It’s the first time we’ve allowed cameras into our services like this, and we did it because we think it’s an important story to tell.

Merchants Quay


The Riverbank centre at 13 Merchants Quay (top)

A hot meal.

A fresh start.

John writes:

Merchants Quay Ireland is a beacon of hope for people who are homeless and struggling with addiction. Our Riverbank Centre on Merchants Quay offers a wide variety of services including meals, hot showers, clean clothes, and medical and mental health care.

Last year homeless men and women came to us for over 4,000 hot showers. This year we opened the Night Café, meaning our doors are now open nearly 24 hrs a day. As a result, we are in desperate need of the following hygiene products:

Soap/Shower gel
Tooth brushes
Female hygiene products

If you can help… please call us (Aislinn or Martina) at 01 524 0139 or drop them in to us at Merchants Court, 24 Merchants Quay. Thank you.

Merchants Quay