18 thoughts on “Recognise Him?

  1. Draxx Ltd II

    No chip or collar? You’d wonder…. Surely that’s the very first thing you do when you get a pooch. If you’re that lazy you shouldn’t have one.
    He looks lovely you should keep him. :)

  2. Drogg

    What a sweet heart i would take him in in a heartbeat. Very irresponsible owners not having them microchipped. Might be worth putting some signs along the sea front he easily could have broken a collar and run off while walking along there.

  3. andy

    Love Rottweilers, they’re super affectionate and playful, absolutely fulla beans, unfortunately very prone to tumours so many dont live past 7 or 8, fantastic pets though

  4. Mr. T.


    Could be that a UK puppy dealer heading for the ferry for whatever reason decided to leave him. Or he could have run off while waiting on the ferry. Does happen.

  5. rotide

    Well thats what happens when you are so overcome with the adorbz that you try to put in emojis

    This deserves 3 See No Evil Monkeys and at least 5 Hearts Popping Out Of Eyes

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