42 thoughts on “Cigarettes And Alcohol

  1. Mikeyfex

    But keep going though, we’re nearly there, hike up the price of a bottle of wine a little more now, one more push, and we’ll have that drinking problem of ours cracked.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Joe the Lion reckons a few more quid on beer and no more balconies will ever fail in the States.

      If only we’da thunk it sooner!

  2. St. John Smythe

    am I reading this correctly..?
    If EU average is 100, we are at 170… our prices are 170% of EU average…?

  3. jj

    this country is a f*****g joke were paying through the nose for everything
    car tax. usc. cars. water . food .clothes. electricity. mobile phones a 1000 euro
    for a f*****g iphone

    1. B Bop

      Bar of organic chocolate in all the waaay overpriced health food stores here – 4.59 exact same high quality bars @ 1.99 in high end Parisienne health store last week. Rage & fume at all the über pricey yummy treats & fine booze.
      Is it the shipping/rent & rates/higher wages here?

  4. Vote Rep #1

    Being more expensive that Scandinavia is impressive. I have a feeling though that it might be the price of smokes and certain alcoholic drinks (such as whiskey & wine) that is pushing the price up over all.

  5. jojo

    Alcohol Action Ireland have one single goal. Prohibition

    They have an answer for every single statistic, they will say alcohol abuse is increasing and we need to regulate off license hours and ban supermarket sales. present them with facts that its at an all time low. Oh that must be from the increased prices working, increase it more.

    if FG want to get in power next government, they know get the young vote.

    1. louislefronde

      Prohibition, as any intelligent person knows, doesn’t work. The price of alcohol and tobacco in Ireland is disgraceful by any measure and without any justification. Governments tend to pander to lobbies quite easily without thinking about the consequences so long as the coffers are full. High tobacco prices have been a boon to organised crime, who can easily smuggle cheaper imports and undercut the retail price. Government knows this, but carries on nonetheless.

      But as David Starkey said recently (yes I know he’s a git) The ambitious and the talented do not go into politics or the civil service, and haven’t done so for a long time. Not surprisingly, we still have a gang of duffers deciding ‘policy by lobby’ scribbled for them on the back of a brown paper envelope….

  6. doncolleone

    why not make it a mandatory 1.5 years in the clink to be drunk and disorderly? I reckon that would tighten things up nicely.

      1. Rotide peed on my lock

        Aye… I just feel I’m swapping my bad habit for a cheaper bad habit. My brother did it, and said he’s too embarressed to tell me much money he’s saving / no longer wasting. He was on nearly 40 a day, and he’s back playing football now… young people, pffft! (…he’s mid-30s)

        But, I have to stop at some point… looking forward to the extra cash. When I stopped drinkin’ a few years ago ….it was like getting a pay rise :)

        I’ll be vaping by year end….

        1. rotide

          Sounds like I could be your brother Clampers, Longtime smoker here and did it earlier this year and they are magic. The money being saved is ridiculous and while inhaling anything into your lungs cant be good, it’s a damn sight better than 40 smokes a day. The only problem is in the pub but thats not a problem for you.

          Do it tommorow, you won’t regret it.

        2. scundered

          done it myself almost a year ago, can’t stand the smell of the real cigs now… found it surprisingly easy to move over. Though use the electronic one more often because it’s so handy and don’t need ashtray/go outside..

          1. Rotide peed on my lock

            I’m gonna watch that, dont want to end up tootin’ on the thing just because I can indoors…. I’ve noticed that in users.
            One of the reasons I’m sceptical…. I may end up with it stuck to me lip all day long.

            I’m on just under 20 a day…. which is just under 20 too much! :)

        3. Odis

          They do some in fruit flavours, like blueberry etc. So you could turn your bad habit into part of your “five a day” health regime.

    1. Omar Sarhan

      Because I’m a silly sausage and was h rushing off to make dinner and should of double-checked my data, It had a value of 78, sorry about that, I’ll correct it when I get home and repost it.

        1. Omar Sarhan

          Whoopsy! I’ll try watch my grammar in the future, I’m not keen on a paddling!

          (please tell me I didn’t make a grammatical error in that serntence)

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