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Much-loved mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

So there are 50 possible ways government can be formed based on on the result of the vote. Some formulations are realistic others a lot less likely…

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The potential mixes of FF and SF in order to hit the target.


Further to his ‘controversial; jobless map of Europe…

Mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

A few days ago I created a map showing unemployment in Europe, I have explored the statistics further and took a look at the youth element. I created  comparison maps (above). Now I am acutely aware that youth unemployment is a constituent element of general unemployment so the comparison does have its flaws. However it provides another way of visualising the data and the unemployment landscape.

I’m no social studies expert, but I think that when unemployment is decreasing in both categories it’s a positive sign. When unemployment is increasing for youth and decreasing in general this may indicate an economy with jobs going to older more skilled employees. I really can’t say anything for definite, but like a lot of maps it got me thinking and reading….



Omar adds:

The Eurostat statistics breaks down general unemployment by gender, some very interesting patterns. The level of unemployment is always going to be related to the social policies, economic strategy, economic base, demographic profile, immigration, and legacy gender issues. Each country has its own paradigm. I’m still reading into this so can’t come to any definitive conclusions. I am curious about the historical trajectory of these rates and what happens in an economic downturn or an upswing…

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How the Oxi was won.

Mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

One of the lines taken in the build up to the referendum was that the Greek people wanted to exercise their democratic rights and a massive decision such as a bailout requires the consent of the people.
In 1975 Greece was one of a minority of countries to introduce compulsory voting, It has always being considered an important affair, up until 2001 there were still provisions in the constitution for penalties and sanctions on absent voters. The spirit of compulsory voting still exists in the constitution even if enforcement is non-existent.
I did expect to see a greater increase in voter engagement, the vast majority of the municipalities had a lower turnout for this referendum than the parliamentary elections that took place earlier this year. It is startling to think that there was increased voter apathy at this crucial moment….

Turnout In The Greek Referendum (Omar Sarhan)



Formerly unemployed mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

You may have noticed a lack of maps, that’s because I am now gainfully employed! So no staying up to till all hours mapping kebabs and the like.
I covered a topic on my blog about students in Dublin  2004-2014 before and followed up by creating a map and a few charts and graphs that some may find interesting. I’ll let the map (above) speak for itself and you can explore more on the topic via my blog post here.
If anyone is curious I am working with global spatial geo-datasets and logistics software in London, for a small firm called Map Mechanics. It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done and ….. (I better stop there before I offend :P ). I’ll hopefully create more maps over the next few weeks…

10 Years In Third Level Education (Omar Sarhan)


Out of work mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

A few days since I sent you anything, I was just looking at OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] data related to the amount of homework and study students do. I created this map (above). You can get to an interactive version of the map here. Or engage via Tumblr