Sexy Shop Time


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Richmond Road, Drumcondra

Some Dad tweetz:

We shall over come. People power wins out. New Drumcondra adult shop yesterday & today….

‘Hands free’.


Yesterday: Concerned parents protest outside new sex shop 50 metres from primary school (

40 thoughts on “Sexy Shop Time

  1. Vote Rep #1

    Well done lads, now why not protest outside the fast food shops, pubs and off licences also within 50 metres of the school? The abrakebabra around the corner at least has lots of pictures of what it sells on its windows in case the kids were confused.

    1. Paolo

      Hear him! The junk food outlets do a lot more harm than dirty mags ever did, especially since under 18s generally aren’t allowed in sex shops ….. or so I’m told.

  2. Soupynorman

    This was a a very advanced marketing stunt, all these ‘concerned parents’ and babies and priests were all in on it as they have shares in

    How are you all so blind.

  3. phil

    I hear those parents are very responsible, they wont let their kids see the new Terminator movie either , too much unnecessary violence , from what ive heard …

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        sorry it’s my second language now.. and I was shit to start.. glasgee Ma .. No stork

  4. Dongle

    So they’ve pulled out?(no pun intended)
    Ridiculous. Adult shop for adults. There was and still is a bookies opposite my primary school and a boozer near my secondary school. Why are people so concerned about what other adults do with their wobbly bits?

    1. Mark Dennehy

      Because they’re terrified of having to have an actual adult conversation with their own kids when the time comes and it’s easier to yell “won’t someone think of the children” instead of actually thinking of the children?

  5. Davey T

    The idea that kids would somehow stumble in, because of the word “toys” is hilarious….

    “Mammy, I got a new vibrating baseball bat”

  6. Mick

    Who needs all those seedy sexual deviants in their trench coats visiting the area to go that sex shop.

    1. Joe

      Ahh.. but I’ll tell you from experience…

      You’ve never lived until you’ve taken a rainy, winter day outing to a sex siopa in a see-through raincoat.

      Those were the days…

  7. The Old Boy

    The independent shops who for years supplied cigarettes to secondary school pupils are a lot less wholesome than this.

    1. Joe

      So true, and for gods sake, won’t people just spare a single thought for the aul’fellas.

      Imagine knowing there was a lifetime of free porn online but your old commodore 64 hasn’t even got a browser,

      At least let them have an outlet, spend their hard earned cash and be happy like the good old days.

  8. Del McG

    Should change the name of the shop next door to Safe Words, just for the craic, like…

  9. Caroline

    I wasn’t involved in this protest, and yeah I’m sure most of the parents who protested are terribly uptight about sex and all that, but it is the kind of thing that just makes a place look like sh*t, and people know it. I mean even that signage is garish and cheap looking (although I’m sure it wasn’t), with the extra bonus of the domain thrown in. I lived in Berlin for years and there were dark rooms and Beate Uhse what-have-ya’s on every corner… and they never stopped looking cr&p and depressing. It could have been worse though, could have been a bookies.

    1. Domestos

      Fair enough, but was the place breaching any regulations about signage quality or shop names? The other signs already there look grim.

  10. Bacchus

    If they didn’t complain when Bertie Ahearn had his two headquarters either side of the road there they can fupp off now.

  11. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    So the “providing jobs” argument can be used to justify everything else except this? Ridiculous.
    It’s not shoving tits in kids faces as opposed to most magazines and television shows out there.
    Good to see the old catholic guilt and “sex is evil” mentality still holds.

  12. Some Dad

    I saw the protest at the shop yesterday and I did not see many people that would have had primary school going kids. Fintan McGrath was very vocal against this shop opening which makes him anti small business and job creation in my book.

  13. Parochial Central

    what’s the issue? There’s been a Knobs’N’Knockers shop on Nassau Street since the 1916 rising.

  14. Joe

    Look can we take this seriously for a moment,

    Does anyone know if they do good value on those anal stimulator toys and the like.

    I’ve heard they are great for promoting a healthy prostrate gland and preventing cancer.

        1. Joe

          Well, I went through the whole of the internets and no joy.

          I even tried my old phone books going back to 1969.

          Everywhere just seems to be offering a bum deal.

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