That’s Not Delusional



Kevin O’Sullivan at Dublin City University this afternoon

This is fairly delusional, in fairness.

Irish Times editor Kevin O’Sullivan defends his paper’s recent brouhaha with Denis O’Brien at the ‘Future of Journalism’ conference at Dublin City University this afternoon.

No, we weren’t invited.

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15 thoughts on “That’s Not Delusional

  1. PaddyJoe

    “Siteserv underlined @IrishTimes’ independence and robustness of journalism says @KOSullivanIT”
    Eh? The IT site published Catherine Murphy’s speech and then took it down less than two hours later.
    Does O’Sullivan really expect anyone to take him seriously?

    1. _d_a_n_

      They were the only domestic news service to post it at all, then they went to court.
      You could say that they tried within reasonable legal grounds to get the speech into the public domain.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        Sorry. ‘Reasonable legal grounds’? Have you read the Constitution? There were no reasonable legal grounds for taking the report down.

        Even DOB didn’t contest before a court that they were entitled to publish.

        Too little too late in terms of the court action. There is no courage on the part of the Irish Times these days. Indeed, given that they were accepting money over the years for publishing advertisements for Magdalen laundries, one wonders was there ever courage there. The Irish Times in my view is and always has been a great big sham.

        1. rotide

          Too little too late?

          They went to court to make certain they could republish at the earliest available oppurtunity.

          That isn’t too little too late.

          1. Sancho

            The info had been in the public domain for several days before the IT had the guts to publish, so yes, too late.

  2. The Lady Vanishes

    I suppose Kevin O’Sullivan is fighting for his job. He must be rather good at fighting for his job as he has kept it so long despite making such a hash of things. Unfortunately he’s not very good at fighting for anything else.

    I wonder what any students attending this talk thought of these old dinosaurs, and how many of them will still be in their jobs five years hence?

  3. Bob

    Is it a case that he was speaking to an audience of Irish journalists, and so he knew he could say whatever he liked as no one in attendance would bother checking the facts?

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      He’s editor of a major newspaper, no one would dare contradict him, because everyone’s so careful about feathering their own nest in this country.

      I would have some respect if he had dealt with Olivia O’Leary’s criticism of the Irish Times in her Drivetime piece as part of his talk. Did he do so? I doubt it.

  4. Lilly

    What’s he going to do, hang his head in shame and admit he’s a craven coward. He should resign and hand over to whichever one of his colleagues objected loudly to his stance on this, if any of them did. I get the feeling dissent is not rewarded there.

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