Dude Sought




Kevin writes:

one of the lads in work found this wallet on the bridge at The Barge [Grand Canal, Dublin]  and looking to return it to the owner. He picked it up in the last hour. If he comes forward, can you put him in contact with me and I’ll make sure he gets it.


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19 thoughts on “Dude Sought

  1. collynomial

    Two minutes searching the particulars on facebook and you can find someone who looks very similar, likes the Workman’s club in Dublin and comes from his home town. I’m not a weirdo, so I’m not contacting him though.

    1. Dónal O'Flynn

      Found the same guy as you did on Facebook and sent him a message. Pretty likely to be the same guy. Can’t for the life of me understand why you’d go to the trouble of looking him up and then not even send him a message. It said the message would go to his “other messages” folder, so I hope he sees it.

      1. collynomial

        My main worry is that I live in a far away country that isn’t Ireland and if it were it not him, it would seem out of place that I’d to all that trouble when I didn’t have his wallet. Anyway, I had found him with the intention of telling him and then realized I wasn’t comfortable with that responsibility. So I came here to get one of you lot who didn’t care to do it.

        1. Dónal O'Flynn

          Just got a message back from Marcello, he’s delighted. He’ll be emailing the Broadsheet admin shortly.

  2. barry

    I’ve just launched a new website called Keepit, visit it here… http://www.Keepit.ie or http://www.Keepit.net
    You can post up items that you have lost or found with precise location detail, Plus you can print out free QR sticker codes and attach them to wallets, keys, phones, bikes etc, so that if you ever loose them you can be contacted anonymously through Keepit by the finder. (would be perfect in this situation of the missing wallet!) Sorry it this sounds like an ad, but I’d like to get the word out! :)

  3. Tiddle McGee

    Why oh why are Broadsheet readers so averse to redacting things with a nice big black rectangle, like the pros do?

  4. Marcello

    Hi guys!
    Who is the blessed man that have found my wallet?
    Thank you so much!

    I leave here my Irish number, please call me!!!!!



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