13 thoughts on “Classic Merrion

  1. Neilo

    Land Rover Discovery. A lot of the Ranelagh Tractor stereotypes have a basis in truth: some drivers have no friggin’ idea how to manoeuvre SUVs into a space smaller than a football field.

  2. Skeptik

    Not to run to the defence of a Chelsea tractor driver, but the Merrion Tesco shopping car park is one of the worst around. The spaces are tiny, even for a Focus size saloon. If they just eliminated one space in each row, people would have room to open their doors when they parked.

    That person is just an asshat though, taking up two spaces lengthwise.

    1. Stewart Curry

      Plus it’s a 90deg turn right at the exit/entrance ramp. It’s not a handy car park for a jeep.

  3. Corky Duke

    Car park spaces in general are too small for most cars never mind the jeeps. Cars of the 60s and 70s were built smaller and modern cars are now bigger in dimension. But it looks like car park spaces havent changed much. Nice jeep…….!

  4. Malta

    To be fair, unless they’ve been redone on the past few years, the spaces there are teeny.

  5. obviousPoint

    Its a disaster of a Carpark…even turning to get up tat ramp in a Fiat Panda was challenge when it 1st opened in 1984. Doesn’t seem to have had the carpark revamp that Blackrock did. …

    1st world problem…
    No problem parking their of a Thursday morning though so I can perfectly understand the double space..

    Is there any filter on what BS will post … this is getting old like meself…

  6. SusanTheSilent

    They are not two full spaces. Each of those spaces has two columns, allowing only the tiniest of cars to park in them. If the photographer had pulled back a bit you’d see it. It’s quite usual to see a single car take both those spaces for that reason.

    As for driving a tractor, without livestock, in a city…

  7. Vlad

    That is the only way to park a car (any car) into that space.
    This two particular spaces are too narrow – there are two columns on the entrace to each of them so no car will fit.

    I have a mini and that’s the only way I can park on that space as well.

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