There May Be Tay



A fete in Cork.

For craft beer hounds.


Noel Finn writes:

We’re running a new Beer Festival at the Franciscan Well Brewpub [North Wall, Cork]  this year – our Summer Fete kicks off next Friday July 3rd and will see a host of summer beers and ciders, beer cocktails, fruit cocktails, sangria and summer fruit cups.

We’ll also be launching our newest Limited Edition Beer a Belgian Farmhouse Ale which we have yet to name and are running a competition on our Facebook [link below] to find a name for it

Fransiscan Well (Facebook)

5 thoughts on “There May Be Tay

  1. Paolo

    This is disgraceful! Ireland has a terrible relationship with alcohol and it should be banned, not promoted. People should not be allowed sell alcohol because some other people are unable to be responsible. Shame on anyone who enjoys drinking alcohol.*

    *Since nobody else had provided the stock Broadsheet response to articles related to alcohol, I thought I’d oblige. Seriously though, good on yis. You should call it “18 days” as this is how long it took Germany to occupy the entire country in 1940.

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