16 thoughts on “Kings Of Old

  1. Draxx Ltd II

    My mate was a bit under the influence. Had the munchies bad. Found a pack of fish fingers in my other mates parents freezer. Ate them, they tasted weird. Checked the pack. They were already 5 years out of date when he would of done the leaving cert. he was 20 odd at the time.
    Nearly shat himself with worry. Managed to survive. The power of the freezer.

  2. Niallo

    Ah, we have left the journal.ie well behond in terms of content here, seriously ? A crisp bag is newsworthy ?

  3. Ronan Fitzgerald

    Just curious OP, what is the Gram Weight on the bag? Have the modern bags gotten smaller??

    1. Paulito

      I’d say even earlier – about 1989 or so. As it happens, 1993 was the year I found a Tayto crisp packet dating from 1959 among other equally old ephemera in some (very eerie) abandoned dorms in my secondary school. Sadly I no longer have it.

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