For Your Consideration


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‘They Don’t Sell Pregnancy Test Kits This Late’ – a new poem by Alvy Carragher, who writes:

This one deals with that awful moment when you’re not sure if you’re pregnant and the shame/angst/options that you inevitably end up weighing in your mind. I think it’s important at the minute because we are hoping to repeal the 8th, and the more people that learn to understand the position women are in, the better.

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18 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. eamonn clancy

    Even a man knows that if you miss a period or two a pregnancy test is rather pointless. Don’t they teach this poo in school?

    1. Caroline

      Yes, anyone who’s learnt about the female reproductive system exclusively through the medium of sitcoms knows that.

    1. Mani

      Ill correct that for you

      ‘Check out all the guys dissing the dreadful adolescent poetry that just happens to be by a woman’

  2. Looking In

    Women can conceive as adolescents so it’s a fair perspective. There have been many a case of
    an adolescent giving birth to children in Ireland into/ out of bad circumstances, something that
    having abortion rights in Ireland would address. Think about it. Stop reacting have a little think.

    1. donkey_kong

      or maybe ,,,,just maybe don’t be riding the wannabe rock star who is now off with other women?
      just a thought.

      If you want casual sex (and I do) be prepared for the consequences…no matter how small the risk

  3. John

    “Not sure if you’re pregnant”… Not sure eh? I’m not sure if I saw a big pink stork last night or it was all a dream…

  4. Avon Barksdale

    I find poetry a lot more poignant when it’s not being blathered at me from YouTube. And when it’s not terrible

  5. Doctor Ultan Fartpounder

    I had a similar nervous wait after my last visit to an escort

    My tears my tears, come pillow soak
    My fears my fears, the condom broke
    €100 deliver unto me an hour’s awkward pleasure
    But a kiss is refused me by this young Asian treasure
    Bounteous bosom becomes mother and guide
    I am the customer. I am the customer
    Or are you the customer
    Is there even a customer
    Or simply two cries of pain
    In the sweltering womb of this rain-soaked back lane.

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