They Come Over Here



A child at a protest over the direct provision system in Limerick last August

You may know the asylum seeker/direct provision review report is due to be published later today.


The report is expected to propose that new asylum seekers should have the right to work after nine months of seeking refugee status. At present, Ireland is one of just two EU member states with a blanket working ban on all asylum seekers.”

“Another key proposal may lead to residency for more than 3,000 asylum seekers who have spent five years waiting for their claims to be dealt with by Irish authorities. Many of the proposals hinge on the introduction of a new streamlined asylum process, aimed at processing claims within a six- to nine-month period.”


New asylum seekers may receive right to work (Irish Times)

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9 thoughts on “They Come Over Here

  1. Corky Duke

    feckin disgrace, Govt take them in and then hold them for years without doing anything to help them. Whats the point in taking them in and just boxing them away. 9 month process…..that says it all….a shambles.

  2. topsy

    Why do African people like Ireland so much. It’s not as if many of them can get direct flights to Dublin. One way “free” tickets should be issued to all of them.

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