‘They May Have Had A Beverage Or Two’



Last weekend.

San Diego Padres Vs  Arizona Diamondbacks

 Petco Park, San Diego.

Ted writes:

“Soccer hooligan” Irish baseball fans who “may have had a beverage or two” and eating their first Crackerjacks.


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29 thoughts on “‘They May Have Had A Beverage Or Two’

  1. Zaccone

    You’d want to have far more than a beverage or two on board to watch a full baseball game. Sitting through 9 innings sober is an experience I would recommend to nobody.

  2. Bacchus

    They’re just havin’ the craic. Comparing them to English soccer hooligans is not just lazy and ignorant it’s an act or war.

  3. Custo

    They have that bleary eyed, swaying, droolyness that you normally only see at the end of a 21st in some GAA hall.

  4. Mikeyfex

    What about the crowd of Aussies court side for Leighton Hewitt’s match in Wimbledon the other day. Now they were muppets.

  5. Mr. T.

    They’ll be back here in September saying sidewalk and gasoline, pretending not to notice.

      1. Mikeyfex

        That’s like the Louis CK joke about telling how decent a person you are by how long you left it after the 9/11 tragedy before masturbating. For him it was between Tower 1 and Tower 2 collapsing. lols

  6. rotide

    ffs, you will literally publish ANYTHING for a bit of outrage.

    There’s precisely zero wrong with this apart from giving me a laugh on a few simple straightforward levels.

  7. Quint

    J1 students drinking and having fun so soon after Berkeley tragedy? Aren’t they all supposed to be still grief-stricken or returned home at this stage as ‘life would never be the same again’? That’s all been forgotten quickly.

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